Good News For New Trade Users! Trade Will Be Offering Free Crypto Education To Newbies For The Launch Of The Exchange. BETA version is launch in April 2018, and the excitement is already building up. But as expected, users may have a problem adapting to the new exchange.  But worry no more! The Trade team has laid out a program that will help users learn how to trade on the new platform. The company will be offering free education to newbies for the launch of the new exchange. The program will be aiming at imparting new users with skills that will help them trade better on the new platform.

According to company’s schedule, the BETA version will be coming out in April 2018. As expect, it will come with exciting new and unique features some of which could be a little bit tricky for starters to use. It is for such reasons that Trade team has taken the initiative to educate its users (newbies) on how to trade on the new exchange. So what do users and this case the newbies expected to gain from this program? Well, here are the benefits of this program to both users and the company.

Quick and Seamless Integration

Being integrated into a new system is not a simple exercise. It’s even harder if you have no one to hold your hand and take you through the system. Similarly, it would take long for newbies to understand how the system works on their own. That is why it is essential to have someone to teach them how things are done. Trade exchange team appreciates this fact, and that’s why they are doing everything to help new users get integrated into the new system as quick as possible. For the users, it will take them very little time to know how things work on trade platform. So the program will save a substantial amount that could have been wasted on self-teaching.

Improved Performance

Your performance on any platform depends on how efficient you are in trading on it. However, your efficiency and effectiveness are determined by how well you understand how the platform works. By going through the program, users will improve their performance significantly. They will be able to trade with a lot of ease and confidence.

Learning from the Experts

Nothing works better than learning from the experts. Not even online reviews can provide you with such accurate and fine detail as the people who came up with the product. The program will be run by Trade team so users can only expect to get the best.

Fewer Queries from Users

For the Trade team, educating users will help in reducing the influx of queries on their platform. Most of the questions asked on platforms are about silly mistakes that users commit while trading. With an educated user base, the probability of such questions on the trade platform will be very low. That way, the company will only be left to deal with serious queries. In addition, with the number of queries reduced, Trade team will be able to respond within 24 hours as promised in their whitepaper.

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