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‘GOmetalaunch’, Cardano’s Pioneer Metaverse IDO Launchpad Being Launched by GO Labs

'GOmetalaunch', Cardano’s Pioneer Metaverse IDO Launchpad Being Launched by GO Labs

At 12:01 AM GMT on the 31st of January 2022, the much-awaited, GOmetalaunch Utility token, the $URGO Token Seed Sale, will commence. Cardano Metaverse Projects & Play to Earn NFT Projects on the Cardano Blockchain will be launched on GOmetalaunch, the first of its type.

A group of Haskell and Cardano blockchain developers, GO labs, are thrilled to introduce GOmetalaunch, which will serve as Cardano’s port of entry to its Metaverse network. Pioneer access to the most sought-after and most fascinating new Metaverse and NFT P2E initiatives being released on the Cardano Blockchain is the aim and ambition of this project.

Metaverse projects launched on the Cardano Blockchain will get full support and financing from the Cardano team. Other Blockchain-based Metaverse projects, such as Ethereum, Solana, and Binance-based initiatives, will be integrated into their IDOs as well.

How Do We See Things in the Future?

In light of the recent investments in the Metaverse by Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple, the Gometalaunch team is confident that the Metaverse is the future of the internet and human connection. As a result, they are working to deliver the Metaverse to people across the globe.

Through GOmetalaunch, anyone can be one of the first pioneers of the Metaverse with access to the early initiatives, which will form the foundation of the Metaverse itself.


Go Labs has partnered with Blockchain Industry Professionals and Experts. Inorder to guarantee that every project launched on Metalaunch receives the complete assistance required to achieve success.

Its extensive network of marketing experts and executives. Linked to the best Influencer Marketing Network, ensures that any project applying for IDO on its platform earns the total funding and coverage required to get blockchain geeks informed about Metaverse projects and to take the maximum support of a wide range of Blockchain communities needed to succeed.

A Tier System will be used to guarantee that everyone has a fair chance and allocation of supporting and earning rewards and tokens of the most sought-after Metaverse projects at the lowest prices before they are made available to the general public. Additionally, members of the GOmetalaunch community have a say in the project’s governance by casting their votes.

About GOmetalaunch

On the Cardano Blockchain, GOmetalaunch is the first cross-chain Metaverse IDO Launchpad. In order to get a taste of what’s trending and in demand in the Metaverse, Metalaunch will serve as a gateway, allowing token holders and members of the GO community to get their hands on unique Metaverse Project launches.

Details of the GOmetalaunch Token Sale:

Seed Sale Allocation: 200,000,000 $URGO Tokens

Seed Sale Price: 1 ADA = 526 $URGO Tokens

 Sales Page:


Telegram Group:

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 Media Details

Company Name: GOmetalaunch

 Contact Name: Gometa

 Location: US/NY




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