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GoMeat: The Future of Specialty Meat Industry Should Be Built Upon Blockchain

In 2020, the specialty food industry generated $1.7 Trillion globally. Although these figures are impressive, the industry grapples with fraudulent certificates, lack of certification, and untraceable food supply chains. These problems make the buying of specialty meat a terrible experience for the consumer.

Specialty meat problems at a glance

  • Lack of digitalization resources: Over 90% of specialty stores can’t go digital.
  • Lack of delivery services: Specialty consumers lack a committed delivery solution.
  • Certification issues: Traditional specialty meat certification has proven to be expensive, inefficient, fraudulent, and risky.
  • Lack of traceability: Traditional meat supply chain has no traceability in case of contamination or outbreak.

There have been no attempts to digitalize or upgrade the sector’s certification process.  That  is why GoMeat has come to disrupt and digitalize the specialty meat market. Using blockchain technology, GoMeat aims to digitalize the specialty food industry by making the specialty meat supply chain and certification transparent.

GoMeat aims to use blockchain technology to deliver the following solutions to the specialty food industry:

  1. In-app blockchain-based certification will keep stores, customers, and certification boards  notified about the specialty verifications.
  2. A blockchain-based distributed ledger will keep track of the meat from the farm to the store for easy accountability and traceability. Here, customers will be able to track the origins of the animals, their health, the environment that they are raised in, and the slaughtering techniques used.

GoMeat is committed to growing its customer base by expanding to new cities. The GoMeat team believes that the future of specialty meat is based on blockchain technology. And that is the reason GoMeat has introduced GOMT Tokens. The tokens will fuel the expansion of GoMeat. Register and buy the GOMT Tokens now at

Why you should buy GoMeat Token!


  • Place meat, grocery & food orders using GOMT
  • Get free delivery & discounts
  • Get 1% cashback on all orders
  • Earn GOMT through our referral program

Burn Mechanism

  • All unsold tokens will be burnt
  • 3% GoMeat revenue will be burnt starting with the quarter following ICO completion
  • 4% revenue in 2022 and 5% in 2023 will be burnt quarterly
  • Upon hitting $3 Mil in annualized gross volume, an additional 3% will be burnt every quarter

GoMeat has been in business since 2019

  • 200+ stores (till May 2021)
  • 35+ drivers
  • 6000+ orders placed

Partner Bonuses

  • GoMeat Drivers will receive GOMT bonuses on completion of predefined weekly goals
  • GoMeat Partner Stores will receive GOMT bonuses upon reaching predefined weekly goals
  • Employee bonuses will be paid using GOMT

Specialty meat certification

  • A predefined number of Tokens will have to be staked for approval of a specialty certificate. To ensure accountability, these tokens will be burnt in case of breach of contract
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