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GoMeat Partners With Haqq to Streamline Halal Meat & Food Accessibility in the USA

GoMeat, incorporated in Delaware USA and the first-ever home delivery services powered by decentralized technologies has announced a strategic partnership with HAQQ, an ethics-first blockchain ecosystem based on Islamic values.

The partnership brings a series of planned enhancements to the GoMeat platform: leveraging HAQQ’s expertise and advanced technologies, it will add new features and functionalities to make the GoMeat app more intuitive and responsive. The first phase includes the integration of the HAQQ wallet, which will give merchants and consumers the option to send and receive crypto payments, adding to the flexibility. The extensive list of payment options will feature HAQQ’s native currency, Islamic Coin ($ISLM) in collaboration with $GOMT.

Following the collaboration, GoMeat will develop its halal meat and food authentication and supply chain solution on Haqq Network providing transparency and traceability, empowering billions of consumers worldwide. The blockchain-based solution will also integrate AI-driven features for user personalization, demand forecasting for stores, and improved supply chain management supported by HAQQ’s partner SingularityNET: a leader in decentralized AI. The joint efforts include regional customization of blockchain services to meet the unique demands of diverse American communities, minimizing user friction and maximizing usability.

“Focusing on how we could benefit the community was key to our partnership with GoMeat. We are committed to giving back: by reacting to people’s needs, and supporting local events,” says Mohammed AlKaff AlHashmi, HAQQ Co-founder. “We offer frequent promotional campaigns to our customers from across communities in the USA to take advantage of the lowest halal meat and food prices as available on our app with the convenience of home delivery. Our collaborations with Islamic Centers across the USA ensures each GoMeat app signup will result in a donation of $1 directly for community needs”.

“This partnership is an important milestone for the US specialty food sector, and Web3 on the whole. By bringing in blockchain and AI technologies, HAQQ and GoMeat will enhance the authentication and

transparency of halal meat products in the region and boost the universal adoption of advanced technologies — all while fostering a sense of community”, added GoMeat Co-Founder Waqas Siddiqi.

About HAQQ Network

HAQQ Network offers an innovative approach to blockchain technology, integrating the principles of Islamic finance into a state-of-the-art financial framework. As an EVM-equivalent chain based on the Cosmos SDK, HAQQ facilitates the deployment of smart contracts from other EVM chains without any modifications. The network emphasizes ethical, Shariah-compliant finance, prohibiting interest-based transactions and promoting risk-sharing and ethical investing.

HAQQ features its native digital currency, Islamic Coin (ISLM), and a unique tokenomics structure called “Century Coinomics,” which ensures sustainable emission over a century. The Evergreen DAO, governed by the community, supports initiatives beneficial to the Islamic community, aligning financial activities with ethical principles and societal well-being.

About GoMeat

GoMeat is a blockchain-based digital marketplace that revolutionizes the way specialty (halal/kosher) meat is distributed and accessed by consumers. Launched in 2019 in the United States, GoMeat connects consumers with local specialty meat stores and restaurants, providing convenience, variety, and accessibility to halal and kosher food products. The service, currently available in several U.S. states, aims to address the challenges of the traditional halal/kosher meat industry by offering authentication and traceability to its customers by leveraging blockchain, along with the convenience of on-demand ordering and home delivery. GoMeat’s mobile app and website enhance the user experience with customized meat and food orders, competitive pricing, and efficient order processing. The platform aims to bridge the gap between consumers and certified halal retail stores, catering to a growing market in the United States.

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