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Goldfingr: How Rob Charles Started the Award-Winning International Investment Club

When Rob Charles decided to start his award-winning investment club and deal sourcing network, Goldfingr, the experienced entrepreneur and angel investor thought deeply about the true purpose of such clubs. Upon reflection, Charles quickly realized that an investment club is only as valuable as the people in the network and not the perks nor the bells & whistles. With this sentiment, Rob Charles started the Goldfingr investment club as the culmination of his lifelong experience investing in many industries from technology to real estate to commodities, connecting with the power players in each sector along the way.

Not only is Goldfingr a one-stop-shop for investors, entrepreneurs, and lifelong learners, the investment club recognizes and incorporates the positive aspects of both digital as well as traditional communities. With the advent of new technology — as well as due to COVID-19 limitations — clubs and networks that do not have a strong digital presence or mature technological capabilities will fall behind. On the other hand, there will, of course, always be a need for ‘in-person’ communication in brick and mortar establishments, as that value cannot be easily replaced.

This is precisely why the Goldfingr investment club is as inventive as it is ingenious. Having gained global recognition winning awards in New York, Malta, and Dubai, Goldfingr is an investment and deal sourcing club sitting at the intersection of innovative technology, social media, the arts, entertainment, traditional capital, and novel investing practices offering digital as well as brick and mortar mastermind events, networking opportunities, and business accelerator resources.

Founded in 2014 by Rob Charles, the Goldfingr members-only investment club now has over $500 billion in combined capital and has funded over $400 million worth of capital directly. While Charles started Goldfingr in New York, the club has since expanded to Dubai, London, Zurich, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Miami, San Juan, Tulum, and Malta as well as its digital community. To that point, in addition to the club’s online platform, Goldfingr has its own mobile app, named Goldfingr, making it easier for its members to network, share knowledge, learn from masterminds, source deals, invest in companies or cryptocurrency, and raise capital for new endeavors. Further, members can purchase and utilize Goldfingr’s branded cryptocurrency and token, the Goldfingr Token, directly on their app.

While Goldfingr’s portfolio is wide-ranging, they typically focus on impact project businesses, defi apps, blockchain projects, NFT metaverse opportunities as well as companies in the renewable energy, real estate, wellness, and education spaces. Of course, any entrepreneur or investor in the Goldfingr club can come to the network for issues with raising capital, finding the right investors, due diligence concerns, and general business operation questions.


Having won multiple international awards and having found success working with a plethora of successful companies and establishments such as Cashaa bank (the bank for all popular crypto exchanges), Forbes Monaco, Master Ventures, Yield Farm Labs,,, Fire Starter, T Defi, and — among others — we cannot wait to see what the people at Goldfingr investment club work on next.

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