Gold Mining And Blockchain Technology: Interview with Nicolaas Spangenberg, CEO of ORET.

ORET gold mining blockchain project is offering an opportunity to invest in a cryptocurrency backed by a company dedicated to the extraction of precious minerals such as gold. The CEO Nicolaas Spangenberg, will be discussing the ORET gold mining blockchain project with us in this interview.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?

I am Nicolaas Spangenberg, the Cofounder and current CEO of ORET and of Paraguay Mineral Mining SA. I have a German origin but was born and raised in South Africa and have been living in Paraguay for 33 years.

Over the years I have started up a few very successful companies. Just to mention a few:

  • Co-founder and CEO for over 15 years of Industrial Maderera Copeland SA, one of the biggest wood flooring manufactures and exporters in Paraguay.
  • Co-founder and COO for 4 years of an import and distribution company, MAR in Spain.
  • Co-Founder and COO for 3 years of an import and distribution company, in Spain.
  • Co-Founder of Mediterranean Wood Agency in Spain.
  • Co-Founder of Barrio Cerrado Las Palmeras in Paraguay.
  • Co-founder of Copeland Flooring in USA.

I also have 8 years of experience in gold mining and mine management.

2) What is ORET and what services do you offer?

ORET, a Kickstarter coin based on ERC-20, is the means for PMMSA to raise the capital necessary to buy the gold rich land plus acquire all the necessary equipment for the gold processing plant.

Every week PMMSA will payout 45% of its Net Profits to all ORET Holders.

3) Could you give us a structural idea of the ORET ecosystem and the technology behind it?

ORET is an easy way for anyone to be able to invest in Gold Mining and directly share in the profits. The added benefit is that ORET holders grow with the company as we expand.

4) Who is ORET for, and who will profit the most from the project?

ORET is not for US or Chines citizens. It is only for countries that do not have security regulations.

5) What is the maximum potential for ORET and in what time frame?

This is a complex question. Let’s for a moment say that PMMSA does not expand the company, and we only tunnel to a depth of 150 meters. In this scenario ORET has the potential to go from USD 0.50 to USD 12.50 in five to six years.

Now on top of the USD12.50 we need to factor in the following.

  1. The Core Drilling Samples at 150 meters gave us the top results. This leads us to believe the we can tunnel much deeper. Our geologist recon that the gold vein could continue down for another 400 to 500 meter and more.
  2. PMMSA and ORET Holders each receive 45% of the monthly Net Profit. The other 10% is retained for expansion of the company. This 10% will be used to acquire more land and increase the capacity of the Gold Processing Plant.

So, one could say that if the mine is viable to a depth of 500 meter, then ORET has the potential to reach USD 41.60, and we still have to factor in the extra land that we will acquire.

I think that now you can see why I do not want to put a potential price on ORET.

6) What is the ORET token, we will like to know more about the token sale and the opportunities for investors?

ORET sales start on the 1st of November. We have a maximum limit of USD 150,000 per person as we do not want anyone to manipulate the price on the exchange. There is an in-depth explanation on our website as to why we have this limit.

7) We will like to understand the Profit Calculation, could you give us more explanation on this?

Firstly, I would like to mention that ORET Team believes in the Fair-share rule of thumb.  You invest, and we do the work. This is why we payout 45% of the Net Profits.

As for the calculations. Our Mining Plant will process 30 tons of ore per hour. The gold content of the ore is 7.5 grams per ton with a processing cost of around 0.8 g per ton. Therefor profits are calculated at 6.7 grams per ton.

This gives us a Net Profit of USD 2,517,500 per month. USD 1,132,875 is distributed to ORET Holders in the form of Ethereum. This is equal to USD 0.09 per month per ORET.  I would recomend reading the full calculation on our website.

8) On what stage of development is the ORET platform and what is next on your roadmap?

Over the last year we have done extensive studies and sampling of the Gold Vein and have run many tests through our Plot plant.

The next step is the launch of ORET on the 1st of November. Thereafter comes the acquisition of the land and ordering the Main Processing Plant. The Main Processing Plant will be up and running by April 2019. ORET will see small profits as of January 2019 form our Pilot Plant.

9) Tell us about the ORET team of experts and customer support?

Our Main Team is comprised of 10 people. All are well experienced in their different fields. I myself and one other team member have over 8 years of experience in Gold Mining.

At the moment we seven staff member that are working on the project of which one is dedicated to Customer Support. As the work load increases we will be taking on more staff members.

   10) Do you have more information for our readers?

ORET has the potential to grow substantially over the next few years.  

I would highly recommend going to our website to read up more and get into the specifics.



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