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Gold Investment — Things You Should Know

Gold Investment -- Things You Should Know

Before making a gold investment, there are some things you need to know. In this article, we will list the most important things for you to know before investing in this precious metal.

Benefits Of Investing In Gold

Below we list the benefits of investing in this precious metal.

Protects You From The United States Dollar’s Weakness

While one of the most important currencies in the world is the U.S. dollar, when its value falls on other currencies, many people rush to gold investments. As more and more people rush for it, its price increases. Between the year 1998 and the year 2008, the prices increased a lot.  It was almost triple the normal price at about $1,000 per ounce.

It’s Known For Keeping Its Value

Throughout the years, this precious metal has held its value. This makes it very different from paper currencies, coins, and any other assets. It is seen as a way for wealth to be preserved from generation to generation. This precious metal has always been valued by people. It is easy to work with since it doesn’t corrode. It can also be melted using a common flame, so, stamping it as a coin isn’t difficult. You could learn how to move a 401k to gold to preserve your wealth if you are interested.

Protection From Deflation

Deflation is basically a period of decreased prices. During deflation, excessive debt hangs over the economy, and business activity reduces. This hasn’t been seen around the world since the 1930s. This period was known as the Great Depression. Even though deflation occurred to a small degree during 2008, it wasn’t as serious as the 1930s when prices decreased and gold’s power increased by a lot.

Protects The Decreased Purchasing Power Of A Currency

Since the price of gold rises as the cost of living rises, it is a great inflation hedge. The price of this precious metal has been seen rising over the years. When currency starts losing its power to purchase because of inflation, its price tends to rise along with other things. So, when a local currency appears to be losing its value, it’s advised for people to purchase gold to store value. Click here if you would like to know what an inflation hedge is.

Its Demand Is Increasing

Since the wealth of new market economies is increasing every day, the demand for this precious metal is increasing as well. Its demand has been steadfast in places like China since it’s a traditional saving form. India, being the second biggest nation that consumes gold, has multiple uses for it. The demand for this precious metal is increasing as investors come to realize how good it is to invest in it.

Ways To Invest In Gold

Below, we have listed the most effective ways to invest in this precious metal.


This is one of the most sold and bought form of gold investment while it may not seem like it. Jewelry made using precious metal is a beginner-friendly investment since acquiring it is very simple. It has been said by Investopedia that almost 50% of its global production goes to jewelry.

While acquiring this type of jewelry is simple, there are a couple of drawbacks that should be taken into consideration. For instance, the resale value of gold jewelry is questionable. This simply means that identifying a buyer who will buy your jewelry from you for a profit might be a difficult task.


Any type of pure gold is referred to as bullion. Bars are the most common form of bullions. The bars usually have serial numbers attached to them for security purposes. They also need to pass certain standards for purity and weight. The sizes of these bars vary, but, they are still considered valuable no matter the size.

There are some disadvantages of getting bullions. For instance, you will have to go to extreme lengths to make sure a secure location to store it is obtained. You will also need insurance. Additionally, it can prove difficult to get buyers who will be willing to buy any sized bullion you have at the moment. Even so, this is seen as one of the most rewarding gold investments by investors.


This is a well known form of selling and buying this precious metal. Since the coins are much smaller than bars, they are more convenient. These coins can be purchased by investors from private dealers or collectors and sold for a higher price to make a profit. These coins are easy to get since you can locate private dealers in many cities. This is one of the most beginner-friendly gold investments.

Sometimes, you may find collectors who sell the coins higher than the actual gold value. Due collector’s value, this is so. If you plan to invest in these coins, it would be best if you don’t focus on these collectors in order to make a profit.


Futures are agreements or contracts between the buyer and investor to buy or sell any gold type at a particular time. Since futures are large most times, investors with the ability for high value contracts are best suited for this.

ETFs And Mutual Funds

Mutual funds and ETFs (or exchange traded funds) are basically accounts that purchase gold for investors or on their behalf. These funds are made up by shares that represent a particular gold amount that can be sold or bought similar to stocks. What makes this such a great investment is that the investors can use the gold without having to take care of the costs which come with physical ownership. The costs that come with physical ownership include insurance and security.

While there are fees you need to pay while buying or selling with mutual funds or ETFs, they aren’t anywhere as high as what you would have to pay to physically manage your gold. With mutual funds and ETFs, it is very difficult to find a partnership that will only deal in gold.


We’ve covered the benefits you’d get by investing in this precious metal. We’ve also covered ways you can get into the game. So now that you know the different types of opportunities available in this space, it’s important that you apply the information you’ve got and make decisions that would be best for your current situation.

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