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Godaddy and Wix Affiliates Marketers To Receive Ultimate Revenue Bump From Sitetrail

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At the Affiliate World Forum in Dubai, a revelation has emerged for Godaddy and Wix affiliate marketers: a strategy leveraging the significant spending gap between web hosting and digital marketing. With SMEs allocating up to 130 times more to digital marketing than to web hosting, Sitetrail offers a groundbreaking opportunity for affiliates to vastly increase their revenue.

Sitetrail’s Game-Changing Offer

Sitetrail has announced a compelling opportunity specifically for Godaddy and Wix Affiliates, promising a substantial revenue boost through its flagship “Sitetrail NewsPass” program. Subscribers to this program typically pay $799/month, setting the stage for affiliates to earn with a customer lifetime value exceeding $8K.

Why Digital Marketing Holds the Key For Affiliates

The digital marketing arena, encompassing SEO, content marketing, and social media management, represents a continual investment for businesses. Sitetrail’s one-stop shop for digital marketing solutions positions itself as a formidable partner for both Godaddy and Wix affiliates, aiming to capitalize on this lucrative market without abandoning their current affiliations.

The Perfect Complement to Existing Efforts

Sitetrail’s affiliate program not only promises enhanced earning potential—up to 30 times more than web hosting affiliate programs—but also offers a broad market reach and recurring revenue streams. This integration can significantly enhance affiliates’ promotional strategies, making them invaluable advisors in the digital marketing domain.

Leveraging Big Names for Bigger Success

Notable publishers such as CNET, TechRadar, Forbes Advisor, and PCMag have already shown the effectiveness of promoting web hosting as a stand alone service. Yet, Sitetrail’s entry introduces an even more lucrative avenue for these and other publishers to explore.

A Strategic Move for Smaller Publishers

Despite Sitetrail’s adoption by larger players like USA Today and, there’s a unique advantage for smaller affiliates. It is widely expected to the detriment of their investors but to the benefit of smaller nimble publishers, that leaders of industry giants such as Vivek Shah from Ziff Davies, Steven Newhouse from Advance Publications, Axel Springer SE helmed by Mathias Döpfner, and IAC interactive (DotDash) led by Joey Levin, may be slower to adapt. This offers a window for smaller entities to establish a presence and capitalize on Sitetrail’s offerings.

A Transformative Opportunity Awaits

This isn’t merely about adding another income stream; it’s about strategically maximizing earnings from every interaction in the digital marketing sphere. For Godaddy affiliates, embracing Sitetrail’s program opens up a new dimension of earning potential, promising to significantly outpace earnings from traditional web hosting affiliate programs.

Leveraging Multi-Channel Strategies to Engage the Web Hosting Audience

To fully harness the potential of their web hosting audience for Sitetrail’s digital marketing opportunities, affiliates should adopt a multi-channel approach, blending sitewide banners, email marketing, and social media campaigns. By integrating eye-catching banners across their websites, especially on pages with high user engagement, affiliates can immediately grab attention and spark curiosity about Sitetrail’s offerings. Coupling this visual strategy with personalized email campaigns that delve into the benefits and success stories of Sitetrail’s digital marketing solutions can create a compelling narrative, encouraging deeper exploration and consideration.

Simultaneously, leveraging social media platforms to share testimonials, case studies, and insightful content about digital marketing’s impact can amplify reach and engagement. This hybrid strategy ensures a cohesive message across all touchpoints, reinforcing the value proposition and driving conversions. Tailoring content to each channel’s unique audience and strengths—such as using engaging visuals on Instagram, informative threads on Twitter, and detailed posts on LinkedIn—can optimize the campaign’s effectiveness. Employing analytics to monitor performance across these channels will enable affiliates to refine their approach continually, maximizing the conversion potential and boosting their earnings with Sitetrail’s program. This integrated, multi-channel strategy not only positions affiliates as trusted advisors in both web hosting and digital marketing but also significantly enhances their potential to generate higher and more diversified revenue streams.

Sitetrail: A Focus on Affiliates’ Success

Sitetrail seeks to allay concerns among Godaddy investors, including BlackRock & Vanguard, of its focus on the digital marketing and online PR space, and that for now, it will avoid direct affiliate competition in the crowded web hosting market. With its own tracking systems and affiliate dashboard, Sitetrail is committed to offering the highest affiliate revenue, bypassing platforms like Shareasale, ImpactRadius, ClickBank, or CJ Affiliate due to high fees and performance issues. Sitetrail was ranked no.1 on the Shareasale highest earning merchant list before exiting Shareasale. 

This strategic addition of Sitetrail to affiliates’ portfolios is not just a path to enhanced earnings; it represents a pivotal shift in the affiliate marketing landscape, promising unprecedented growth opportunities. Many affiliates will likely find that Sitetrail ends up being the highest paying affiliate program it leveraged to date. Given the recurring revenue opportunity, this is the one affiliate program serious publishers are lining up for.


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