Goal Setting And Tracking Made Easier With OKR Methodology

OKR stands for Objectives & Key Results. In other words, it’s a framework for setting goals and tracking progress towards them. This method was developed by Dr. Gary Keller, who also created The ONE Thing Method (TOTM).

They are part of the Agile methodology, and they are often used in organizations that adopt Lean principles. The goal of OKRs is to align goals and objectives across teams and departments. By setting specific objectives and key results, employees can focus their energy on achieving them, rather than wasting time on irrelevant tasks.

The idea behind the methodology

 The idea behind the software was created by a group of developers who wanted to create a tool that would help companies build better teams, improve their performance, and achieve success at work. They also wanted to provide a solution that would benefit individuals as well.

How does this methodology help the organizations?

 OKRs are the core of every great organization.


  • They provide a clear vision for the future and guide the team towards achieving their goals.
  • In other words, they are the road map for the company.
  • OKRs are a simple way of setting objectives and tracking them throughout the year.
  • The key result is the outcome or goal of the plan.

The concept behind the practice

 The concept behind OKRs is simple.


  • Before starting work, every team member should agree upon a goal or objective they want to achieve during the next sprint.
  • Then, at the start of each sprint, they should check whether they achieved their objectives.
  • If not, they should adjust their plan accordingly.
  • This way, everyone knows where to focus their attention and energy.

What makes this practice popular?

 As human resources professionals, we spend countless hours developing plans, setting goals, and measuring success. However, it’s important to remember that these processes don’t always translate into measurable improvements for our employees. That’s why OKRs are becoming increasingly popular.

 Benefits of using the methodology

 There are multiple benefits to using OKRs. For example, they can help you identify where you stand and where you want to go. This makes them useful for tracking your progress over time. In addition, they give you a clear sense of whether or not you’ve achieved your goal.

Use of OKR Software


  • OKR software is an application that allows managers to manage their teams’ objectives and key results.
  • This tool helps them create and assign tasks to employees, track their progress, and provide feedback to ensure they are meeting expectations.

With over 2 million downloads since its launch, the software has become one of the most downloaded apps in the productivity category.

These days, companies are using the OKR methodology because it helps them measure their success. It also helps them track their performance and identify areas where they can improve. You probably already know that TOTM focuses on sales, marketing, and customer service. It helps you focus on a single thing each day and get better at it. One can apply OKR to their personal life too.




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