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solar panels

What number of solar panels will be appropriate for an average household? How many modules do you require for your three-bedroom residence? How many cells do you need for a 2000 square feet residence? These are common questions for aspiring solar homeowners. Determining the number of solar boards, you will require for the home requires knowing your goals first.

Do you desire to reduce your carbon footprint? Increase the return on investment? Save money on energy bills? Most individuals want to save money while reducing the environmental impact. To calculate the number of solar panels you would require, you must know the following:

  • Your current energy use in wattage
  • Your energy requirement
  • The sunlight and climate in your region
  • The efficiency of the solar panel you are considering
  • The physical dimension of the solar panel you are thinking about

One simple means of answering the number of panels you will require is consulting professional solar installers who know how to evaluate the overall project.

  • What amount of solar power do you require?

To determine the average energy requirement of your house, you must gaze at your utility bills. You may calculate the number of solar panels you require by multiplying the residence’s hourly energy needs by the peak sunlight hours of the area and dividing that by the panel’s wattage. With low-wattage and high-wattage solar panels available in the market, you can easily navigate the options. Remember that the size of the roof with the amount of sunlight is a determining factor.

When you work with experienced solar installers, they will manage all the calculations on your behalf. If you are thinking of figuring out the number of those you require, you must get the help of these professionals who know how to estimate the system size, appearance of the solar panel, and the monthly savings you can grab from them.

  • How much power do you now consume?

Gaze at the electricity bills to understand average usage. Look for KWh, kilowatt-hours, or other similar terms to note your house’s energy every month. You may also refer to meter readings to understand your current energy consumption. You would require hourly and daily energy usage for the calculation; thus, the bills will be the best source of information. An average household consumes 200 kWh per month, and for vast families, it will go up to 2000 kilowatts per hour.

The number of solar panels will get calculated depending on your energy requirement. In this aspect, you need the help of West Bay Energy Solar Company in Tampa, which will calculate the number of panels depending on the weather condition, your energy consumption, daily average energy use, and so on.

One determining factor in deciding the number of solar panels you require is the number of hours of sunlight the area gets. If your locale has an ample amount of sun, then you can drop maximum benefit from it. However, solar panels are not an appropriate option for regions that do not get decent sunlight. On average, your house must get 8 to 10 hrs of sunlight every day so that the solar panels can work appropriately.

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