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Exploration has always been an instinct for humans. This instinct has enabled human civilization to not only grow but survive. In the past, humans had to explore new areas for food sources or a better place to cultivate crops. They had to look for new places to live to have a safe homestead, where they could rest during the night and hunt and gather during the day. Exploration contributed more to the survival of the entire human species than any other instinct. This instinct even helped the entire human race spread across the globe. 

In the modern era, humanity has more or less stabilized in regions in which they have thrived through millennia. But despite this paradigm shift, certain basic human instincts continue to stay strong, and the need to explore is one of them. In fact, due to the rise and fall of civilizations throughout human history, places around the world have landmarks from those past civilizations. Some civilizations were lost to time, and all that is left are landmarks from those lost civilizations. These landmarks are still of special interest to explorers of today.

There are also other places of interest for explorers of today besides the historical landmarks. There are places around the globe that are endowed with abundant natural beauty. These places also hold a special attraction for explorers who are more interested in exploring nature. Explorers with such interests flock to locations across the globe offering natural beauty. And with so much diversity that the planet has to offer, explorers can visit many locations with diverse natural biomes across the globe. There are endless opportunities for explorers with varying tastes to explore. The only problem that global explorers have to face is how to create a comprehensive plan to explore a destination that can offer them the maximum experience. Explorers don’t want to spend time and money to plan their visit to a location and then miss out on important attractions. Certain platforms today offer to make it easier for explorers to visit their favorite locations without researching prices and ticket formats. One platform that is leading the way in making exploration easy for travelers is Go City.

Go City is a platform that provides traveling passes to travelers. Go City is a UK-Based travel company that was founded by Andrew Graham and Agnus Rankine in 1999. The company’s founders realized the need for providing a trip that lessened the hassle mostly associated with traveling to a city and visiting all the important attractions. They came up with the idea to create a central pass that would enable travelers to see all locations in a city without the need to buy separate passes or tickets for each one. The company was initially called Leisure Pass Group. It was later renamed Go City in July 2021. Go City provides incredible ease to travelers through their sightseeing passes. 

Travelers can visit notable locations in and around a city without worrying about needing multiple paper passes or tickets that can be easily misplaced. The city pass that Go City provides all sits on one phone app and enables travelers to visit the city of their choice and have a full tour without missing a location worth visiting; at the same time, they will save on the cost of each pass. 

Go City is headquartered in the city of London. There are multiple teams of Go City located around the world to enable easier travel. The teams are located in various cities around Asia, Europe, and the Americas. There are 30 cities worldwide that Go Pass allows visitors to explore fully. These cities include great locations in Europe like Rome, Amsterdam, and Paris. The Asian sites include Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, and other notable cities. The Americas offer a lot of exciting locations, including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Cancun, and many other cities. 

Go City has secured multiple prestigious industry awards due to its services. These awards include the top position in Travel and Hospitality and the 78th position in the Top 500 Inc 5000 for 2008. The Sunday Times International Track 200 ranked Go City at 55 in 2013. And in 2020, Go City was ranked at 50 on The Sunday Times Fast Track Top 250 list.

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