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GNBT and CURA Sign an MOU to Build a Global Gene Platform

The GeneBank (GNBT) Platform and CURA Korea recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop a global gene platform. Of note, the GNBT platform is created in a decentralized network system with existing computing resources.

GeneBank is the newest blockchain-based platform that uses genome sequencing to advance knowledge and awareness of the causes of diseases. Meanwhile, CURA Korea, is a distribution and alliance establishment subsidiary of China’s CURA Group. Thus, both companies aim to deliver an exceptional service of real genetic data sharing solutions.

Chairman Edward Yeum of GeneBank, who leads a domestic and overseas gene business, shares his exciting plans for the GNBT platform through this MOU. With this, the GNBT team plans to provide genetic testing services to 400 million customers of CURA Group in China.

In detail, the genetic testing will be available for the most common diseases in China which are heart disease, malignant tumor, cerebrovascular disease, gastritis and enteritis, influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis, diabetes, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases.

“We plan to provide our Chinese customers with precise diagnosis and prediction, and with a better quality of life,” Chairman Yem shared. “We also plan to store data and transfer data rights to 200 million people, about half of CURA Group’s customers.”

Without a doubt, GeneBank is a one-of-a-kind genetic data sharing in a blockchain-based platform. The team aims to build a global sequencing alliance to enable everyone to access genomic information. As of writing, GeneBank is listed on LBank, ProBit, and STEX.

On another note, CURA Korea CEO Kwon Young-Yoon shares that “they will strive to develop the GNBT platform  in preparation for the future genomic data market to grow 20 times larger than the currently booming semiconductor market, based on their management philosophy contributing to humanity.”

Looking at the current market statistics, the genomic data market is set to grow larger than the currently booming semiconductor market. Whereas, this growth is associated with its value proposition and humanitarian venture.

In the future, the GNBT platform aims to provide a free genome test service through continuous partnerships and agreements across the world. The list includes the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, 8 Nordic countries, and 54 African countries.


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