Global Wellness Summit: The Future Of Health And Wellness Tech


The Global Wellness Summit 2022 has recently wrapped up in Tel Aviv, having delivered a 3-day event jam-packed with insights into the wellness industry, new innovations on the horizon, and the anticipated wellness tech trends to expect as the coming year rolls on. Here’s the lowdown on some of the key health and wellness tech trends on the horizon.

Transforming wellness tech into technological wellness

There’s nothing new about tech that promises improved well-being. Still, with a plethora of options from telehealth apps, smart home gyms, fitness wearables, and more, the jury may still be out as to whether it all actually helps. 

Tech is full of solutions, but its use also takes a toll on our well-being, and a trend toward reimagined technological wellness is taking off. Technology prioritizes our health regarding how, what, when, where, and why we engage with it. From this perspective, the future of wellness tech is expected to encourage us to consider our intake of tech in a similar manner to our food intake; mindfully, deliberately, and with well-being at the forefront of our minds. 

Innovative Femtech closing the gap in medical research

Women’s health concerns and conditions (such as infertility and menopause) are notoriously under-researched and underfunded. This imbalance causes many women unnecessary suffering due to chronic conditions, inaccurate diagnoses, and difficulties accessing effective treatments. Thankfully, the imminent future of tech is reportedly poised to remedy this.

Presentations at the GWS explored how tech giants and startups are increasingly looking to improve and expand upon research into women’s health via data gleaned from AI tech, wearables, smartphone apps, virtual trials, and more. Tech giants are reimagining a variety of current technologies to enable a better representation of women in health and medical trials to bridge the gap.

The Wellness Metaverse

The Metaverse is fast-creating a virtual world that defies belief, but you better believe it because it’s only going to expand exponentially. With wellness at the forefront of many consumer minds (especially since a little thing called Covid came along), the metaphorical Metaverse waves are parting, to reveal a world within worlds – the Wellness Metaverse.

As wellness trends explode and consumers avidly seek new technologies to improve their health, well-being, and quality of life, the possibilities of the Wellness Metaverse are virtually (see what I did there) endless. As the $4.4 trillion global wellness economy seeps into this space, virtual, augmented, and merged reality wellness applications will inevitably abound, and wellness companies are advised to carefully consider Metaverse tech opportunities as this exciting new era in health care takes off. 

Music meets science

With the use of science-based sleep and therapy music soaring, a presentation from a leading curated music label, Myndstream, opened attendees’ eyes to the power of music to impact health and well-being at a fundamental level. In collaboration with the GWI and BBC StoryWorks, Myndstream presented its Music & Neurodiversity feature as part of the newly launched series, In Pursuit of Wellness

Myndstream’s Managing Director, Freddie Moross, received The Debra Simon Award: Leader for Furthering Mental Wellness at the 2022 Summit and addressed attendees with a fascinating presentation alongside Professor Adam Ockelford and musical savant Derek Paravicini. 

Paravicini is blind and autistic, yet has amassed millions of views via his TedTalk and YouTube channel, dazzling all with his extraordinary musical improvisation skills. His performance demonstrated the power that music has to transform the neurodivergent experience and support cognitive development, a topic explored by Myndstream in collaboration with Junior Genius as part of a pilot study into the effect that music has when used therapeutically in educational environments. 

Myndstream sits at the forefront of exciting developments in music tech, utilizing the rigor of scientific research to enhance the artistic process and create the highest quality music-led, well-being programs. Myndstream’s primary focus is on elevating audio experiences within business environments via its own platforms, as well as ensuring that its carefully curated music is accessible directly to consumers via mainstream tech platforms. 

In line with the latest research, wellness enterprises, such as spa facilities, are using Myndstream’s spa music services to enhance the transformative experiences that customers are seeking when they invest in wellness treatments. Harnessing the healing powers of music is a tech trend set to soar in the coming years as the body of evidence to support its efficacy continues to grow. 

How to truly run like clockwork

Leading circadian technology platform, Timeshifter, unveiled its new wellness tech solution My Circadian Day, providing a novel way to plan our days in accordance with our unique circadian biology. The tech application promises to deliver brilliantly simple guidelines to follow as to how best to prioritize and avoid exercise, eating, light exposure, and more throughout the day for optimal benefits. My Circadian Day launches for guests’ use at Six Senses Global Resorts and will then roll out to the general public in 2023.

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