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Global Star Akon visits Southern Mexico to Support Social and Technological Endeavors.

The pristine southern city of Merida, in Mexico´s Yucatan peninsula was the setting for a meeting of the minds. On one hand, a local businessman and visionary entrepreneur with a plan to revolutionize fair commerce through technology; On the other, a Billboard® award winning singer, songwriter, philanthropist and global investor.

Akon met Miguel Montañez – the CEO and founder of Miidz an innovative digital platform that aims to democratize the access to services in his home state first, and then throughout the country and the world – thanks to The Eclectic Agency (named the world´s leading boutique strategy and communications firm by Forbes®) and the firm´s managing partner, international entrepreneur and investor Alesh Ancira who represents both individuals and their brands on a worldwide scale.

Less than a week after Akon announced his multi-billion-dollar crypto powered futuristic city in his home country of Senegal he decided to visit a part of the world he had never visited before, driven by the long term friendship and business partnership that the award winning artist sustains with Mr. Ancira, but also motivated by Miguel Montañez, and his unorthodox approach to technological advancement.

Miidz® has been announced in its initial stage, capturing the attention of national and international media outlets like The Continental Times, which named Montañez “a paragon of business excellence”.

The app has been painstakingly developed as a vehicle for economic expansion during times of reduced social mobility, and through its digital ecosystem it hopes to bridge the gap between service providers and customers who until now, didn´t have a functional and seamless alternative to traditional service solutions.

“Think about Miidz® as the Uber® for everything” – Montañez affirms. “If you need to book a doctor´s appointment, or hire a plumber, and everything in between, you´ll be able to do it through our app in a secure and simple way.” – he concludes.

The company has already gained the support of the local authorities, as part of the state of Yucatan and the city of Merida´s ongoing efforts to stimulate fair and far-reaching sustainable economic growth; However, what makes Miidz® such a powerful solution is the fact that it has been created with the objective of empowering the user as much as the service supplier creating a centralized platform for fair commercial service exchanges while facilitating widespread adoption amongst those sectors of the population that are still somewhat tech-averse.

“I think what Miguel is doing is fantastic, and as someone who is always looking for a better way of accomplishing large projects, I stand behind his vision and ability to execute a large scale project like this one.” –Akon stated.

As society continues its migration towards digital platforms and a new wave of accessible commerce, applications like Miidz® stand at the forefront of a global shift in consumption habits.

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