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 Global Real Estate Token Contracoin Listed on ProBit Exchange Today

Global Real Estate Token

Singapore, October 22, 2020 – Real estate Contracoin token (CTCN) is now listed on popular global digital asset trading platform ProBit.

CEO of ProBit Exchange, Ronald Chan states: “We are happy to onboard Contracoin to the ProBit platform. It is exciting to see blockchain technology being used in real estate and we are happy to support Contracoin in what is an emerging industry for which we see huge upside potential.”

Revolutionizing the Global Real Estate Market 

With real estate being one of the largest alternative asset classes, the total global real estate market is estimated to be USD 228 trillion. In the past couple of years, the concept of tokenizing real estate has been gaining momentum in many regions worldwide.

CEO of Contracoin, Barry Lipscombe explains the appeal.

“Raising capital by deploying blockchain technology to issue tokens democratizes the entire process of buying and selling real estate,” says Lipscombe. “Real estate tokenization is an extremely attractive concept. We are pleased that a fast-growing crypto exchange such as ProBit, that garners a Top 10 ranking in Korea, is supporting us. We look forward to a successful listing partnership!”

Designed to Streamline Overseas Property Transactions

Property Transactions

A global real estate blockchain-powered platform, Contracoin allows property investors anywhere in the world to invest and benefit from the global real estate market

Designed to streamline overseas property transactions, the ERC-20 Contracoin token overcomes challenges in cross-border remittances. CTCN transactions eliminate complicated banking processes and excessive fees, thus speeding up fund transfers, reducing costs and removing restrictions that are associated with cross border transfers. Empowering Contracoin investors is the ultimate aim – by enabling them to purchase international real estate using the Contracoin token for up to 100% of the selling price.

Contracoin ensures that transactions will be transparent, secure, and immutable by leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts to get rid of manual errors. 

Backing from a Global Barter Network and a Team of World-Class Professionals

The Contracoin marketplace benefits from the extensive database of more than two hundred thousand global merchants via Contracoin’s parent company, Contracard and its Virtual Barter network. The 65% of Fortune 500 companies included in Contracard’s  global trade exchange network will aid in the drive to mass adoption of CTCN.

In addition, the Contracoin team is made up of world-class professionals specializing in the fields of real estate, blockchain technology, legal, finance,marketing and IT development.

Trading on ProBit Exchange 

Presently trading on crypto exchanges CoinBene and P2PB2B, the Contracoin token is now available on ProBit.

ProBit trading platform was launched in 2018 and presently provides 400 tokens for trading. They are in 700 markets with 800 thousand monthly active users (MAU). Garnering a combined 50 million monthly visitors to the ProBit page on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap is a testament as to why the exchange features amongst the most popular global crypto exchanges in terms of real website traffic and volume

Details for the CTCN listing on ProBit Exchange are as follows:

Deposits: 13:00 (KST), October 21, 2020

Trading: 13:00 (KST), October 22, 2020

Withdrawal: 13:00 (KST), October 21, 2020

Trading Pair: CTCN/USDT

About Contracoin

Contracoin is a global real estate platform built on blockchain technology which aims to revolutionize the global real estate market. Utilizing smart contracts to ensure secure, cost-efficient, transparent and immutable transactions, Contracoin offers a technology solution to facilitate cross border real estate transactions.

About ProBit Exchange

ProBit is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange launched in November 2018. Built with features guaranteed to provide traders with the ultimate trading experience, ProBit delivers a world-class trading engine, strong presence in major financial markets and enhanced superior security.

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