Global Personal Cloud Market Thrived At A CAGR Of Over 20% From 2016 To 2020 To Reach A Valuation Of US$ 30 Bn.

Personal Cloud

As per a recent market survey by market intelligence provider Fact.MR, the global personal cloud market reached a valuation of US$ 30 Bn in 2020. Expanding at a stupendous 40% CAGR, Fact.MR projects the total revenue to top US$ 220 Bn in 2031.

Increasing demand for high-frequency data access and sharing, along with cost-effective data storage solutions for personal and professional data is propelling sales of personal cloud software and services.

In addition to this, an increasing number of social media platforms and rapidly expanding tech-savvy population are boosting the adoption of personal cloud services. Customers are looking for safer ways to store their photos, videos, contacts, and documents without compromising device storage. This, in turn, is anticipated to continue fueling sales of personal cloud services.

Key Players in the Personal Cloud Market Include:

  • Amazon Web Services Inc. is the business that operates on
  • Apple Inc. is a business that specializes in the Apple Business Network (Apple Inc).
  • Box Inc. is a business that specializes in boxing.
  • Microsoft Corporation is a corporation that is licensed to perform business processes.
  • Dropbox Inc. is a subsidiary of Dropbox Co.
  • Google is a company that is
  • Mozy Inc. is a company that specializes in Moz Inc, and is an affiliate of Mozi Inc (Mozy).
  • SpiderOak is a fictional character that resembles Spideroak.
  • Seagate is the third installment in the Sea Gate franchise.
  • Egnyte Inc. E.g. c.e.
  • Sugarsync Sugar
  • ElephantDrive is a game that takes place in the United States.
  • Western Digital is a digital digital company that specializes in Western digital.
  • D-Link Corporation is a business that specializes in the development of D – Link
  • Buffalo Technology is a company that specializes in the Buffalo technology.
  • ASUS Cloud is the cloud of AS US.
  • Ubuntu One

Key Players in the Personal Cloud Market Include: Amazon Web Services Inc., Apple Inc., Box Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Dropbox Inc., Google, Mozy Inc., SpiderOak, Seagate, Egnyte Inc., Sugarsync, ElephantDrive, Western Digital, D-Link Corporation, Buffalo Technology, ASUS Cloud, Ubuntu One

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More Valuable Insights on Personal Cloud Market

Fact.MR provides an unintended analysis of the personal cloud market by presenting historical demand data (2016-2020) and forecast statistics for the period from 2021 to 2031. The study provides compelling insights on the worldwide personal cloud market with a detailed segmentation based on:

Type of cloud:

  • Cloud-based internet access is available for free.
  • Cloud NAS Cloud
  • Server Cloud is a cloud server.
  • Cloud in the Home-Made Cloud
  • Cloud on-premises Cloud


  • Source of personal cloud is the source of direct income from the cloud, which is a source for direct revenues.
  • Indirect Revenue Source of Personal Cloud Source Of Infrastructural Revenue

Type of hosting:

  • Personal Cloud Hosted by a Service Provider
  • Personal Cloud (User Hosted) Hoststed by User

User Type:

  • Consumers are using the personal cloud to use it.
  • Enterprises rely on the use of personal cloud to utilise the company’s use.
  • Small Businesses’ Use of Personal Cloud by Utilizing Personal cloud
  • Medium Businesses’ Use of Personal Cloud by Using Personal cloud
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