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“Global goal, ethics and costly mistakes” – Maxim Kurbangaleev on the integral parts of business.

integral parts of business

Starting a new business, a person wants to do everything right. However, the business world is not a fairy tale story, but a harsh reality, where fraud and money laundering often thrive. 

Business dictates its own rules, but this is not a reason to abandon your own ethical postulates, says Maxim Kurbangaleev. What is important for business today?

Mission and goal at the head table – Maxim Kerbangaleev

Entrepreneurs all over the world are talking about the necessity of a company’s mission and the definition of a global goal. And while some believe that the mission is nothing more than a beautiful attribute and gesture, others are sure that no successful business will develop without these components. One way or another, large companies and organizations like Sony, Microsoft, IBM and others always define a mission and use it for marketing purposes.

It is believed that the mission reflects the company’s global goal and helps to achieve it. Maxim Kurbangaleev explains that the main goal should be as exciting and inspiring as possible and give power to act.

“Once I was impressed by the goal to give people around the world financial freedom. Of course, it sounds pretty huge, but it is really important for the development of mankind. When a person is financially independent, he can engage in creativity. In Europe, this goal has been discussed for a long time and they are trying to implement it, so one of my projects is also inspired by this idea,” tells Maxim Kurbangaleev.

The company’s mission most often fits into one axiom: “We make the world a better place”. However, they talk about it in different ways. Apple determines the future of mobile and computing devices, Xerox spreads knowledge through documents, and so on.

“Having defined the mission, the CEO can decompose the global goal into sub-goals and key results, and then start assembling the team. We need it in order to be honest with our future employees and show them in which directions the company will develop in the future,” believes Maxim Kurbangaleev.

Is it possible to avoid costly mistakes? — Maxim Kurbangaleev

According to Maxim Kurbangaleev, one of the most important mistakes in selecting employees and building a team is saving your own time and effort.

“There was a period when we had to recruit specialists in a hurry. Nothing good came of it. I lost money, and people lost the opportunity to find a more suitable job for them,” says Maxim Kurbangaleev.

Is it possible to avoid errors when hiring new employees? Unlikely. Despite HR specialists’ experience and knowledge, they are not robots, they cannot always recognize a lie. Embellishment and concealment are just part of what you can face at a job interview.

“If both sides are equally honest with each other, the process of employees’ recruitment goes to another level.  Unfortunately, if a person claims to share the company’s mission, but in fact is skeptical about it, magic will not happen after a while. The employee will leave the team, because they will not be able to work together with their colleagues. I do not deny that there can be a period of fruitful work when this person can even be useful, but in the future their actions can cost an arm and a leg,” believes Maxim Kurbangaleev.

The process of leaving the company is a different story, which is important to discuss in advance. However, they prefer to ignore the negative aspects, referring to inner feelings, stereotypes and superstitions.

“We need to understand that the world does not stand still and any company also undergoes changes. For example, we expect to fruitfully cooperate with our partners for a long time, but we understand that the roles may change. There is nothing wrong if one of us will choose another activity and move on. The main thing is to remain productive,” says Maxim Kurbangaleev.

The expert believes that personal matters should not become higher than common ones. The company and its growth in accordance with the mission are as important as their own development. The ability to evaluate yourself in time, study a new field or leave the company is very important for every employee.

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