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Dr. Ayesha Ashiq, a dynamic leader with over 25 years of global experience, is making waves in education and human resources. From her early days as an HR Assistant to becoming the award-winning Founder and CEO of “Eladder4U” and “thehrbooth,” Dr. Ashiq’s journey is a testament to determination, innovation, and a commitment to positive global impact.

Education Evolution:

With a rich educational background, including a BBA in HR, Master’s in Psychology, ongoing studies in Computer Information Systems, and an honorary Doctorate in Social Services, Dr. Ashiq embodies the fusion of academic expertise and practical experience. Her career, which started in 1996, reflects a continuous commitment to hands-on learning. 

Global HR Trailblazer:

Dr. Ashiq’s global career spans multinational corporations such as Maclellan, FORD India, Kotex Textron, DP World, Swissboring, and Zelekha Hospitals. As the Founder of “thehrbooth,” she has successfully provided premier HR solutions globally, addressing complex challenges and implementing transformative solutions.

Eladder4U: Bridging HR and Education

In 2017, Dr. Ashiq founded “Eladder4U” as a private limited company in India, focusing on consultancy for overseas education. This initiative evolved into a non-profit organization in 2020, headquartered in Wyoming, USA, with a comprehensive set of services covering standardized test preparation, VISA guidance, internships, and scholarship assistance.

Innovative Educational Solutions

Dr. Ashiq’s passion for education culminates in the upcoming launch of “EladderUniversity,” an online/distance learning institution. This endeavor aims to break barriers in STEM education, particularly for women, and create a global community of learners. The university’s focus on leveraging modern EdTech platforms aligns with Dr. Ashiq’s vision of enhancing individualized education.  Provide students with Internships and guide them on career development.
Executives or entrepreneurs with a global perspective who are interested in expanding their reach and impact in the international market.

WISE Program: Empowering Women in STEM

As an advocate for gender inclusivity in STEM, Dr. Ashiq is excited about the Women in STEM Education (WISE) program offered by Eladder University. This initiative reflects her commitment to empowering women through flexible and tailored learning experiences. 

Global Volunteering and Leadership Roles

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Ashiq actively contributes to the community. Her roles include mentoring and serving as National Director of Recruiting USA and National Chairperson for India at Spirit of the Game Foundation, Member and mentor at the International Trade Council, a member at GLG, as well as being a Board of Director at HSC University Hyderabad, India which had honored her Ph.D. in Social Science based on her contribution to the community. Certificate of Appreciation honored by ITC women in trade at the international council.  


Dr. Ayesha Ashiq’s legacy is of resilience, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to positive global impact. Her journey from an HR Assistant to a leader shaping the future of education and HR is an inspiration. The launch of “EladderUniversity” marks the next chapter in her mission to make high-quality education accessible globally. 

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