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Global Bonded Magnets Market Is Anticipated To Progress At A Healthy CAGR Of 5% During 2022-2030

Bonded magnets are composites made up of a set of magnetic powder rooted in a nonmagnetic matrix kind. A thermoplastic or elastomeric binder is the natural name for this form of a matrix.

The global bonded magnets market is currently valued at around US$ 2.38 Bn and is anticipated to progress at a healthy CAGR of 5% to reach US$ 3.52 Bn by 2030-end.

Given their versatility and low-cost manufacturing technique, bonded magnets were making enormous strides in a huge range of industries during the last few decades. Similarly, they are gambling a crucial position in laptop hardware with data garage devices in particular. Application of bonded magnets isn’t always the simplest paramount however is continuously stepping up, especially almost about statistics storage.

In current years, there was an increase in investments throughout many quit-use industries because of multiplied consumer calls for e-vehicles, mobile telephones, and other digital devices, which is predicted to present massive opportunities for bonded magnet producers.

Attributable to the excessive complexity supplied with the aid of the three-d printing technique, producers are capable of attaining thermoplastic–bonded magnetic composites (time) complex designs and adjustable customized magnetic aspects.

Key players:

  • TDK Corporation
  • Adams Magnetic Products
  • SDM Magnetics Co., Ltd.
  • Ningbo Yunsheng Co. Ltd.
  • Advanced Technology Materials Co. Ltd.
  • MMC Magnetics Corp
  • Dura Magnetics, Inc.
  • National Imports, LLC
  • Super Magnet Co., Ltd.
  • MP Material

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