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GlassManager Reviews : All-in-One Business Solution for Glaziers

GlassManager Reviews

GlassManager is an all-in-one business solution specifically made for glaziers, intended to simplify workflow management for flat glass shops.

Offering a wide range of features tailored to the specific requirements of the glazing industry, it transforms business operations.

Key Features:

  • Estimates & Quotes: To maintain an advantage in the cutthroat market, quickly generate accurate estimates and quotes.
  • Task scheduling that is smooth is achieved through effective job assignment and tracking.
  • Job management: Ordered project management through streamlined procedures from start to finish.
  • Mobile app: Field workers can use it to track their work hours, upload documents, get customer sign-offs, and accept payments.
  • Dashboard & Reports: Extensive insights for well-informed choices.
  • Invoicing and Payments: Expert invoice preparation, automated payment systems, and tracking of payments.
  • Accounting Integration with QuickBooks and other top accounting software.
  • Payment Processor: The platform offers secure, hassle-free payment processing.
  • Vendor & Purchase Order: Effective creation of purchase orders and management of vendors.
  • Billing in accordance with industry standards for construction projects is known as AIA Style Billing.
  • Inventory and Materials Management: Tracking and managing without effort to maximise resource use.
  • Customer management and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced cash flow management by means of more efficient invoicing and payment processes.
  • thorough understanding for improved decision-making.
  • smooth compatibility with widely used accounting software.
  • efficient use of resources.

Pricing Plans:

Features Professional Plan Enterprise Plan
Price $85 per full user per month Custom Pricing (Contact for quote)
Users Minimum of 3 users More than 25 full users or 100 field users
Field Users $10 per month per user Custom Pricing (Contact for quote)
Document Storage 5 GB N/A
Setup Fee Starting at $495 N/A
Accounting Integration $100 per month (additional) N/A
Custom Features N/A Available (Contact for quote)


Specifications Details
Deployment Cloud Based
Subscription Plan Monthly, Yearly
Accessibility Customization, Mobile Support
Desktop Platforms Web app, MacOS, Windows
Language Support English
Business Agencies, Enterprises
Available Support Email, Phone, Tickets
Categories (SoftwareSuggest) Employee Management System, Business Management Software, Customer Experience Management Software, Client Management Software
Company Details GlassManager
Headquarters Calgary
Website Visit Website
Full Address 5160 Skyline Way NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 6V1

GlassManager provides glaziers with an extensive toolkit to optimize their workflow and grow their business to new heights. It is located at the intersection of innovation and practicality.

With an emphasis on intuitive user interfaces, extensive functionality, and first-rate support, GlassManager is ready to enable glaziers to navigate the intricate demands of their line of work.


GlassManager boasts exceptional user reviews, including a 4.9-star rating on Google and positive feedback from various users highlighting its ease of use, efficiency, and exceptional customer support.

Frank Ciancone: 

“Profits were increased by streamlined teamwork and an intuitive interface. Improved technician dispatching, scheduling, and billing efficiency. greatly cut expenses and time.”

Govind Singh: 

“Manages the Glass shop effectively, making employee tracking easier. prevents shortages of materials and uses a dashboard to track profit growth. Understands the impact of software on industry.”

Kristie Rehberger:

Manages both commercial and residential projects in one location, according to Kristie Rehberger. allows for thorough project tracking. appreciates staff responsiveness and updates.”

Ravi Gill: “Applauds centralised information and a smooth digital transition. praises the support staff. makes features suggestions for improved client information display and inventory control.”


  • Ease of Use and Adaptability: Many users appreciate how GlassManager simplifies operations, making it easier to manage projects, schedules, and materials.
  • Customer Service: Consistently praised for its responsive and helpful customer service, with mentions of prompt assistance and patience during setup.
  • Streamlining Operations: It’s been credited with streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and maximising profits for businesses.
  • Digital Transformation: The transition from traditional paper-based systems to digital is highly valued, especially for tracking, scheduling, and accessing information remotely.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regular updates, responsiveness to user feedback, and willingness to evolve the software to meet client needs.
  • Comprehensive Features: Users appreciate various functionalities like invoicing, project tracking, managing work orders, and inventory control.
  • User Interface and Mobile App: Positive feedback on the intuitive user interface and the effectiveness of the mobile app for field operations.


  • Desire for More Features: Some users expressed a desire for additional features like more control over information display, enhanced inventory management, and additional functionalities.
  • Potential Implementation Challenges: A couple of users anticipated potential challenges during the implementation phase but expressed confidence in the support team’s ability to overcome them.

Overall, the reviews highlight GlassManager’s efficacy in streamlining business operations, providing excellent customer service, and continuously improving its software based on user feedback. However, there are requests for further enhancements and a cautious note regarding the implementation phase.

If you’re considering GlassManager, it seems to excel in providing a solid foundation for glass companies’ digital needs but might benefit from more advanced features according to some users’ perspectives.

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