Gift Card NFT: MetaCard’s $METAC token is here!

Building on the success of their initial token sale held last June, MetaCard, an innovative player in NFT gift cards, launched its second exclusive pre-sale of their native token $METAC on Tuesday, October 10th.

This new exclusive pre-sale marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey and the development of its visionary offering focused on customer relations backed by blockchain technology and AI.

At the core of the omnichannel solution deployed by the startup, $METAC aims to create a circular economy by serving as the currency for all transactions within the MetaCard ecosystem and facilitating interactions with NFTs.

Intending to benefit its entire community, this utility token will not only reward customers who purchase products from partner e-commerce stores but also ambassadors and affiliates who engage in dedicated actions within the environment.

The METAC token is the currency at the heart of METCARD’s end-to-end gift solution. It serves as the currency for all transactions within the Metacard platform, and facilitates interaction with NFTs.

The value of the token is guaranteed by the real economy of the project, which has already signed up major brands and groups such as Majorica, with other big names to be announced shortly. 

It will also be used to reward customers who purchase products from partner e-tailers. METAC will be used to reward ambassadors and affiliates who carry out actions on behalf of METACARD.

Ownership of this currency, serving as both an incentive and loyalty tool, will come with various benefits, including access to the MetaCard Dapp, gamified rewards, Premium Services (expert consultations, early access to features), and even voting on the project’s CSR commitment.

This second phase of the private sale begins today for a limited time, offering 250 million $METAC tokens at a price of $0.08 per unit, which is five times cheaper than the announced $0.40 for the official listing on exchanges scheduled for the second quarter of 2024!

About MetaCard

Led by a Triple A team (Associates, Advisors, Ambassadors) with recognized expertise in the web3 and web2 ecosystems, MetaCard is an innovative player in the New Generation (NG) gift card space that leverages blockchain technology to transform Gift Cards into NFTs, making them secure, tradable, and highly customizable.

Unlike traditional gift cards, which have several drawbacks (lack of personalization, fraud, loss, non-usage, paper or plastic card pollution, inability to exchange or resell), MetaCard’s NG gift cards enable e-commerce stakeholders to benefit from a tailored and highly secure offering, along with new perspectives for customer loyalty.

Prestigious public and private actors, such as RATP, CANNESERIES, or the Spanish jewelry brand Majorica – to name a few – have already been won over by these enhanced-functionality cards.

Voted the most innovative web3 startup by the French mission at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and awarded at the film market during the last Cannes Film Festival in the Web3 category, MetaCard brings, with its intelligent gift card, useful and smart technology to a market constantly seeking transformation.

The next generation gifting experience

Revolutionize the way you gift and connect with a secure, no-code platform for creating gift cards, bridging the worlds of traditional gifting and blockchain technology.

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