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GIA FashionVerse Opening Up PreSale Of 500 NFT This May

GIA FashionVerse has announced a presale of 500 NFTs on May 8th in two phases. The presale is set to be followed by a mega sale.

GIA FashionVerse has decided to join Opensea’s NFT space. It consists of a 6600-piece NFT collection produced at random and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Those who opt to join the GIA FashionVerse will be eligible for a variety of privileges, including community benefits, modeling jobs, AR shopping experiences, and VR fashion shows within the metaverse. The presale is presently accessible at a fixed floor price of 0.02 ETH, and early-bird NFT holders can take advantage of a fantastic opportunity because the main sale will begin at 0.5 ETH.

One of the company’s senior spokesmen was quoted as saying, ”We are delighted to be a part of the metaverse chain and become the next great thing in the world of fashion. We’re hoping to generate the perfect excitement with our presale, which will allow us to announce our big arrival in style.”

Early birds will have access to the best-whitelisted locations, as well as airdrops and community awards. The NFTs can also be utilized to make three-dimensional avatars. Participants will also be able to participate in various fashion community events, gaining the necessary exposure and experience to enhance their portfolio and profile properly.

Once the presale happens, it will be followed by a huge mega sale of the rest of the 6100 NFTs. Next in line will be a mega giveaway followed by a special ETH airdrop.  All NFT holders will have access to the GIA FashionVerse club, which will conduct real-life fashion events and parties worldwide. The development and marketing departments have been awarded 50% of the budget for the GIA FashionVerse. After that, the wearable collection will be released.

Those interested in learning more about this fashion metaverse, as well as the various features and benefits it has to offer, should go to or visit their Twitter handle @ClubGia or visit their Discord link at

About Gia FashionVerse

Gia FashionVerse was designed to officially announce Gia’s blockchain world arrival. They’ve been providing a variety of fashion-related community perks, and on May 8th, they’ll be holding a presale for tokens.


Media Information

Company Name: GIA FashionVerse

Contact Person: Veneta Tosheva

Contact Number: +359888876112



Country: Bulgaria


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