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GhostBed Unveils the Venus Williams Mattress & Bedding Collection


Earlier this year, GhostBed partnered with Venus Williams to design a mattress and bedding collection that boosts performance and recovery. This is good news for athletes and people with active lifestyles. After all, people who push themselves to the limit during the day deserve an optimal environment to recover in. 

At the end of a typical day, an athlete needs downtime to recover from a number of things. These include muscle soreness, overall fatigue, the stress of competing, and – in the worst cases – injury. Failure to create a calm and relaxing environment that contributes to physical and psychological recovery could result in long-term injuries, poor performance, and chronic stress.

What are the elements of a good recovery routine? 


Easiest ways to recover from an heavy workout is to simply replace the water you’ve lost. The human body is made up of 70% water and you lose a huge amount of water every day – even if you’re just sitting in one place. Athletes and people with active lifestyles lose much more water than the average person. 

Staying hydrated keeps you alert, keeps your energy levels high and helps with heart rate recovery. This is in addition to flushing out toxins and circulating nutrients and oxygen to different parts of your body. More importantly, water promotes muscle repair by supporting protein synthesis. Hydration is crucial for someone who is always straining their muscles and pushing them to their limit. If you’re dehydrated after your workout, your muscles will break down rather than get stronger. 


Stretching is usually recommended before exercise to prevent muscle injury during the actual exercise. However, stretching after a workout also helps your muscles recover. By increasing blood flow to different parts of your body, thus speeding up your recovery.


In addition to relaxing your muscles, a good massage increases blood flow. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your muscles faster. By going for a good massage after a period of intense exercise, you can expedite your recovery.

Cold immersion

The thought of jumping into a cold shower or immersing yourself in an ice bath post-workout is horrifying, and validly so. Be that as it may, many athletes swear by cold immersion as a recovery technique. There’s a scientific reason why cold water feels so good after intense exercise. Since it constricts your blood vessels, it slows down your metabolism as well as other physiological functions. As a result of this constriction, your body also flushes out lactic acid from affected tissues. This reduces the amount of muscle pain and soreness that you feel after exercise. 


Let’s talk about sleep – one of the easiest and cheapest ways to recover from an intense workout. Quality sleep is important to anyone, but even more crucial to athletes. After all, sleep is designed to help you recover from the psychological and physical stresses of the day. More specifically, when you enter the non-rapid eye movement (NREM) stage of sleep, your body builds muscle tissue and replenishes the energy you’ve spent. On the other hand, the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep is reserved for brain recovery. Failure to get enough REM sleep can lead to difficulty regulating your emotions and reduced reaction time. Both are bad news for an athlete who needs to remain focused and alert.

How you can improve your sleep

Sleep experts have done countless studies on the elements needed for a good night’s sleep. For example, you can decorate your bed with relaxing colors such as blues and greens. You can also buy plants to help you relax mentally at the end of a grueling day. Keeping your bedroom cool also helps your body wind down so that you can fall asleep faster. By dimming the lights and reducing the time you spend on your electronic gadgets before bed, you can also enjoy better quality sleep. 

You probably already knew all of this – after all, people who have studied sleep have been droning on and on about these things for years. But did you know that the quality of your mattress can affect your sleep? The sleep experts at GhostBed know this, and that’s why they partnered with Venus Williams to design the ultimate mattress for post-exercise recovery. 

This is the first mattress with a Far Infrared (FIR) layer that helps promote recovery, performance, and health. This mattress is part of a bigger collection of sleep products that are all designed to activate muscle recovery while you sleep.

“I am often asked for the secret to my success,” says Venus Williams. “My answer? Practice is a given, but the real power is in my recovery. That’s why sleep is so important to me, and why I’m so excited to share my collaboration with GhostBed. Alongside my award-winning interior design team, V Starr, and the talented experts at GhostBed, we’ve designed a line of mattresses and bedding truly built for champions.”

Why you should purchase a mattress from GhostBed

GhostBed isn’t just another mattress company. It is the mattress company – built by people like you. People who have experienced the same problems you’re looking to solve when you shop for mattresses. 

The idea for GhostBed was born over 20 years ago, when Marc Werner had just undergone 3 neck surgeries and needed a comfortable mattress and pillow to ease his pain at night. “I soon realized that I could draw from my experience and invent my own sleep products. And thus, GhostBed was born. Since then, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in the industry and created a full collection of mattresses to help you sleep better at night.”

Marc believed that he could improve the sleep experience, not just for himself, but for everyone else. He’s assembled a team of sleep experts and, with over 20 years of patented sleep technology, they’re committed to delivering sleep worth raving about. 

If you’re already excited about the Venus Williams collection from GhostBed, the good news is that it’s been discounted to 25% off until mid-December. In fact, all of these products are on sale and are designed to upgrade your sleep:

Mattress Toppers 50% OFF

Bedding Accessories 25% OFF

NEW Supernatural Bedding Bundle 40% OFF 

GhostBed RV Mattresses 30% OFF

Adjustable Bed Bundles 40% OFF


GhostBed Luxe Mattress & Bundles 50% OFF

GhostBed Mattresses 30% OFF

Venus Williams Collection 25% OFF

Ghost SmartBed $1,000 OFF

+ 2 Luxury Pillows ($190 Value)

+ Free 10-Year Accidental Mattress Protection (Up to $299 Value) + Free Weighted Blanket ($289 Value) with $1,500 Min purchase 


Sign yourself up for unreal sleep today

If you’ve been looking for a mattress with the right amount of firmness and support, do yourself a favor and check out the collection of products at GhostBed. Since there are so many mattresses to choose from, Marc has created a quiz to match you with the perfect mattress for your needs. With this quiz, the perfect mattress is just a few clicks away. 

Connect with the sleep experts from GhostBed today and let them help you choose the perfect products to level up your sleep. You can also keep up with updates on future sales and upcoming products by following GhostBed on TikTokInstagram, or Twitter.

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