Automotive Reports the Rise of Chinese Premium Cars in the Travel Mobility Sector

Chinese Premium Cars

The number of Chinese premium cars registered on the platform experienced a 3% growth during the first two quarters of 2023

This year, — the world’s leading marketplace for transfer services and car rental with a driver — reports a notable increase in the presence of Chinese premium car brands operating on the platform including Hongqi, Voyah, Changan, HiPhi, LiXiang.

Over the past year, has seen an impressive addition of 547 carriers with fleets of cars from China listed in various countries. This rise in Chinese car brands has sparked formidable competition against European counterparts. Currently, the platform features 13 Chinese premium brands, accounting for about 3% of the total number of cars available. 

Alexander Sapov, Co-founder and CEO of, states “China boasts exceptional premium-class car manufacturers, such as Hongqi, Voyah, Changan, HiPhi, LiXiang, and more, which have already joined our fleet. The reviews from both drivers and passengers affirm their high level of comfort and quality. With these brands actively operating in the fleet, particularly in the business segment, we are confident in highlighting the substantial potential of Chinese manufacturers and the remarkable level of competition they bring to the traditional global brands.”

In addition to the rise of Chinese premium cars on, the China luxury car market itself has been experiencing remarkable growth. According to a report, the market was valued at $155.2 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $295.19 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 8.37% from 2021 to 2028.

Chinese car manufacturers are making determined efforts to dominate the luxury car market, developing their own premium cars and electric vehicles to challenge established international brands. However, in the traditional car market, homegrown brands face challenges as Chinese consumers often prefer more expensive cars, considering them status symbols, rather than domestically manufactured economic ones. Saic Motors emerged as the largest car manufacturer in China in 2021, selling around 2.76 million vehicles, followed by Changan Automobile with approximately 1.76 million vehicles sold. These enterprises are also expanding into the luxury market, creating sub-branches for more exclusive vehicles, with Zhuge Intelligence being one such example, offering AI-powered luxury electric cars set to launch in 2025. has built a reputation for its unique product offering, winning various awards since its launch. In 2023, the company won international travel Awards as the Best Airport Transfer Company. Last year, the platform was awarded the Best Travel App at Uzakrota Travel Awards, and Leading Online Transport Marketplace at Indonesia Travel & Tourism Awards. In 2020, it was recognized for its innovative approach to digital travel, receiving the Innovation in Travel Award from Globe Travel Awards. And in 2019, the service was awarded the Best Technology Product of the Year at the Travolution Awards, recognizing the most innovative works in the digital travel field.

Additionally, the platform was awarded the Best Technology Product of the Year at the Travolution Awards in 2019, highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation in the digital travel industry.

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