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Getting Hired: Effective Tips For Landing Your Dream Job

Dream Job

Are you a job seeker in search of a career? Do you have an urgent need for money or simply filling your time with something? This article is here to put you through different methods and options you have as a potential employee in the country of your choice.

Getting hired by the right person for a job is as important to an employee as getting a good job in the field of your preference. Technically, it is a gamble on where you will perform in a particular role and be most productive. Nothing is certain until you as an employee resume duty, and your qualities and skills are put to the test.

Why You Have to Get it Right While Trying to Get Hired 

Getting employed and recruited generally requires a lot of investment in time and resources. Often when an organization is hiring, especially when the process is handled internally, several labor resources are deployed to get the job done.

The recruitment process can last from weeks to months, depending on the size of the organization. From the point of finding a vacant role, submitting applications, preparing for tests and interviews, hoping to get selected, and the final stage of being one of the few selected, a lot of resources are being consumed. You had to do a lot of research for the company and learn many new things for a short time.   

On the other hand, you as a candidate are not the only one going through all this trouble. The organization or company that you are applying to is also investing time and energy in this task. It adds no economic value when an organization invests this much only to get it wrong with employees’ choice. Asides from being a waste of resources, you as a wrong applicant can wreak severe havoc when absolved into the system. This is why it is important to be thorough both while hiring and while getting hired. 

What Methods Should You Use in Getting Hired?

Getting hired as a new employee can be done in various ways. You should find the hiring option that works best for you, save you costs, and produce the best end results.  

We will be discussing the most efficient ways to get hired as a new employee in search for a job.


As an employee, you can decide to conduct and manage the job-seeking process by yourself. You may have to search a number of websites, see if there is any post on social media, ask friends and family or even visit organizations and companies in person. Here are the basic steps to take while seeking a new job:

Search for a vacant post

Once you see any job position vacant in the organization of your choice, you can decide to try and apply there. Try and decide whether you have the required skills asked of you. Do not be modest in this stage, you are probably more qualified than you consider yourself. You just might be the right person for that job that seems way out of your reach. 

Applying and Tests 

If you have found more than a vacant post, the chances are that you will have to submit several applications. You might even have to tailor your existing CV for different jobs or write a new motivational letter for each new place. Try to give your best in increasing your chances of being distinguished as the best candidate for the job. 

Make sure that you get enough sleep the night before the test or the big interview. They are both stressful, especially interviews, however, try to be as genuine as possible. Being your true self is what will impress them the most. This is how you can be chosen as the best first for the particular role that you are hoping to get. 

Verification and Registration

After being selected as an emerging candidate, you have to verify your identity to confirm that you are who you say you are. You may have to give evidence that you are a legal resident or citizen with no criminal record for some organizations. The company may also want to check to validate your qualifications and credentials.

When searching for a new job, you want to make sure that everything is alright with them and you won’t deal with any legal issues in case you get accepted. Check their websites, they probably have the necessary information, such as whether they have finished all the registrations required by the Dutch laws. Also, make sure, especially if they are hiring for the first time that they are registered with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

This information is not very common, however, now you know so keep it in mind. 

Create a Contract

You should have a binding agreement with your employers. The content of your contract must be drafted in compliance with the labor laws of any specific country. The contract should mostly contain a job description, terms of the agreement, remuneration and compensations, and every other peculiarity of the job role to be taken. Both parties must agree with the terms of the contract and commit to it.


Employers have to make proper documentation of every employee’s record and profile from the start of their employment until appointment termination.  Make sure that you have all the documents required, to avoid any possible problems. 

Using a Professional Employer Organization

As it was already mentioned before, you are not the only one who will need to invest a lot of time and energy in the process of hiring. Now you realize that the responsibility and demands of conducting and managing complete recruitment are ones that organizations sometimes cannot handle. In that case, they have the option of outsourcing the services to external HR agencies like Culver Careers.

They can use a global PEO or specific PEO related to countries such as Spain PEO that will help them hire workers and take full responsibility for their management. With their wealth of experience and expertise, this global payroll will help employers conduct the best of recruitment, greatly improving their workforce’s quality. These services might recruit you as the right talent for the company of your choice. 

Final Words

As a job seeker, finding the right person or company to work for might be challenging. It is also important to consider the productivity tools that a company uses especially if you are working remotely since there are some apps that are used to spy which causes security and privacy issues. It may seem hard to trust some applications nowadays, but there are still some tools existing to protect remote workers like Traqq time tracking software that is made to track working hours but the quality of collected screenshots is intentionally reduced to decrease the visibility of sensitive personal information such as private messages or passwords. But fortunately, there are ways to make this struggle easier. Make sure to check the tips above and do all the necessary work to get the best matching.

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