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Getting a second passport with lawyers of Public Investments Solutions, customer reviews

People around the world are trying to figure out how to preserve all the benefits of their native country and get new ones in the most profitable way. For solving such matters, the lawyers of Public investments. solutions are here and can manage immigration issues easily. 

The article is intended to introduce the website Public investments. solutions and to find out whether this company is really a good consultant in immigration matters (following the clients’ reviews).

Public investments. solutions: who is it?

Among international experts in migration PIS is one of the most discussed. The company is experienced in such a specific field, as immigration to European Union. to know the nuances of European law and monitor the amendments in the legislation of a particular EU state.

Responsibilities of the company: 

  • Preparation of the client’s case; 
  • Submission of necessary papers to the authorized body; 
  • Communication with the civil servant; 
  • Signing up for procedures; 
  • Supervision of changes in EU legislation, and actions in accordance with it; 
  • Assistance in the preparation of internal documents required by the client.

Lawyers act following all the clauses of an agreement. It is one of the most necessary steps in cooperation with the experts because without the contract common work cannot be started (and the reviews prove that fact).

The paperwork is also the thing, everyone should focus on. The lawyers of are responsible for collecting the papers, translating, and notarizing them. However, the immigrant should provide the experts with valid documentation.

How to get a second passport while retaining the current one?

Many EU countries offer applicants advantageous ways to obtain an EU passport, such as repatriation (restoration of citizenship) or investment (contribution to a particular state program, real estate, etc). 

Every country has its own migration program, that does not always support repatriation or investment. However, the lawyers are eager to clarify which of the countries and programs will be convenient for a particular person.

Before a consultation with Public Investments Solutions, we will guide you through those procedures, to mark the upsides and downsides of each.


Those who have proof of their territorial or ethnic affiliation can take advantage of this procedure. Repatriation is one of the most popular immigration ways because of its quick registration process, the opportunity to save current citizenship, and cost-effectiveness. The registration period is from 6 months to a year with the assistance of Moreover, repatriation allows you to save your current citizenship.


The time that you will spend on registration may be the same as when you apply by repatriation, but many differences exist. For example, the investor should contribute a specific sum of money to a governmental project or business/real estate. It can cost thousands of dollars, and a certain country has its own demands for the applicants (in some cases, people can obtain a residence permit instead of citizenship). The advantage of the program for many in accordance with the reviews: it allows you to save your current passport.

What reviews on Public Investments Solutions have we found on the Internet?

Reviews on a trusted website can show everyone if the company is worth cooperation with. We found a lot of feedback on the Internet about PIS’s support, however, we want to show just some of them, so you can make your own conclusion.

As people say in their reviews on, the company attempts to make their immigration journey as seamless as possible. Some people obtained their passports within half a year, others within 1 year. However, we should understand, that every case has its own issues to be tackled. Lawyers on their side are in charge of collecting the dossier and submitting it to the authorized body foremost.

However, Public Investments Solutions takes care of translating and notarizing the papers, monitoring the process, and signing up for the procedures as well.

Logical conclusion about

Obtaining EU citizenship is a procedure, which requires a lot of knowledge of legislation, and communication with the authorities, and the main point is to arrange the process. People without appropriate preparation will not be able to pass this step on their own, which is why they come to the conclusion to cooperate with the experts. In accordance with reviews, the company is a trustworthy expert in the migration field. Applicants recommend cooperation with Public Investments Solutions because of the pros it provides, such as collecting the papers, handling the submission procedure, communicating with the authorities, etc. Trust core of the company and all the reviews show us, that immigrants consider it as a good advisor and suggest it to others.

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