Getting a New Phone? Here’s What to Know Before You Jump In

Getting a New Phone? Here's What to Know Before You Jump In

There are a lot of reasons someone might be on the market for a new phone or a new phone plan. It could be your first time taking a step into financial independence by signing up and paying for your own phone line. Or, maybe you’ve been on the same phone plan for a few years, and you’re looking to make an upgrade to match the other glow-ups you’ve recently seen. No matter the case or the cause, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of the ins and outs of phone and phone plan shopping before jumping into the deep end.

As technology continues to advance, smartphones are only continuing to get more powerful, capable, and innovative. Additionally, the shifts in the consumer mindset and preference have also impacted the way that phone plans operate. The whole thing can get overly complicated much too quickly.

The following, though, should help simplify the phone shopping process to make it much more manageable.

Top Carriers

First of all, you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with the top carriers if you haven’t already. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are the big three wireless companies. Each has their own specific plan structures, deals, and special offers, which make them unique and suitable for a variety of different demographics and households. However, taking a closer look at the differences showcased when comparing T-mobile vs. Verizon, it should be easy for consumers to decide which plan, and subsequently which phone, is going to be right for them and their needs.

In immediate comparison, T-Mobile plans in general, are a bit more affordable than the options offered by Verizon. Yet, it’s also worth noting that this price difference doesn’t come without its fair share of perks. Keeping this in mind, it’s crucial that you really think about what you need from your phone and phone plan before you make a final choice.

The Size of the Plan

One major consideration to factor into the decision is the size of the plan that you’re going to want. If you’re flying solo as a bachelor or bachelorette, then you may just need a single phone line. But you may want that phone to come with all the bells and whistles, with unlimited data, and a variety of other perks that get included in your plan. If you have the expendable income, you may want to consider a plan from Verizon, because even though their plans are a bit more pricey, they certainly win the race when it comes to additional entertainment inclusions.

However, if you’re part of a new and growing family, you may have a budget on your mind more than anything else. If this is the case, then T-Mobile is going to be the carrier for you, simply because they offer family plans at a cheaper price than the competition. However, the entertainment package won’t be nearly as robust.

Your Data Needs

Another major factor to take into consideration when shopping for your next phone and phone plan are your data needs. The majority of phone plans these days come with unlimited data because of the simple fact that just about everything is online and wireless.

However, there are still some plans out there with limited data, or variance on how fast the data is uploaded/downloaded. If you’re into mobile gaming, working on your phone, or using your phone for other data-heavy-purposes where speed matters, you’re going to want to spring for a plan through Verizon.

Entertainment Add Ons

It was mentioned earlier that Verizon pretty much takes the cake when it comes to entertainment add-ons that are included in phone plans. A lot of plans from Verizon include the Disney+ Bundle which has Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN, not to mention Apple Music and Apple Arcade, oh and Google Play just for good measure.

When it comes to add ons and extras, there really is no match for Verizon. That doesn’t mean T-Mobile doesn’t have their own entertainment offerings, but they simply aren’t as robust as what Verizon includes.

Cost vs Value

When it comes to choosing your next phone and phone plan, try taking cost vs value into consideration. For example, while T-Mobile plans cost less, the value is actually a lot closer to that of the Verizon plan when you take the comprehensive value of the package into account.

By picking a high value phone plan, you’ll be as close to as completely satisfied as a phone company can bring you.

A few Final Thoughts

Getting a new phone is an exciting thing, however the complicated intricacies can really bog down the whole experience. Do a little bit of research, consider what’s important to you in a phone plan, and tackle the shopping process with knowledge and education.

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