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Get Your Military Resume in Shape for a Civilian Job with these 5 Practices

Taking early retirement from service or transitioning from the military to join the private civilian sector can be daunting. Building a network in the civil workforce can only be possible with relevant experience. Therefore, a relevant and dedicated resume is necessary to attract the recruiter’s attention. When creating a civilian resume, the issue is not the lack of skill or education. But it’s the lack of words to relate your military service to the roles and responsibilities of your anticipated job.  

Even when your military career is filled with accomplishments and appreciation, selling them to a civilian company can be challenging. Contrasting perspectives, little to no relatable experience can make it a hassle to write a military resume for a civilian job search. The key is to have a clear summary that reflects your dedication to your previous roles to interest the employer. Since most military jobs require specialized skill sets, include correct terminologies that resonate with the current job description.

Many people use online templates to fix their resumes, which never succeeds in getting a response back from the recruiter. However, hiring online resume writing services has proven to bear fruit for many ex-military personnel in finding a civilian job. Here are some tried and tested tips from the experts to help you write your civilian resume.

Define Your Goal for Your Civilian Job

If you do not have a defined goal for your civilian position, it will give the recruiter a passive impression. They will perceive you as an average applicant dropping a single application for multiple job openings. If you want to stand out, you have to prove your dedication to the opportunity; a defined summary is the right tool for it. Explain the result you want to achieve in your new career. You can also scan the job description to note the skills related to your previous experiences and include them in your resume. Also, add relevant keywords present in the job description.

Use Layman Terminologies

Civilians can find it challenging to comprehend basic military terms. Therefore, translating them into easier terminologies can help make your resume easy to read. For example, AAFES (stands for Army and air force exchange service) and BRS (acronym for blended retirement system). A layman may not understand how your achievements in “A school” in the military are relevant to your job. Therefore, explaining to them in layman’s terms that it’s an acronym for “advanced individual training” can help them understand your resume better.

Draw a Relatable Conclusion from Facts.

Make a checklist of roles and responsibilities in the job description, and tick mark those related to your military-based capabilities. Use these responsibilities to explain your past experiences in your resume. Exclude irrelevant training and experiences. For example, if you are applying for a lifeguard role, your hand-to-hand combat expertise may not be as relatable as your swim training. Put it on top of your resume to get noticed. Instead of writing about yourself, explain how your experiences can add value to the role. Military people are usually very disciplined and manage their time effectively. You can use these to show your soft skills. Take note of all the accomplishments you have collected from your training, service, and education to indicate your usefulness.

Paperwork Proves Your Point!

It’s common for recruiters to see people bragging about their experience without definite proof of it. Therefore, it is necessary to have tangible and digital documentation attached to your resume to help the recruiter keep track of your progress. Veterans have an advantage here since their careers are thoroughly documented compared to civilian counterparts. Military personnel can include:

  1. SMART transcripts
  2. VMETs
  3. Evaluation reports
  4. Training certificates
  5. Awards

And all other credentials that cover the training and achievements of your past profession. The most valuable addition to your application can be the rater’s comments on your evaluation reports. Since they contain not only official remarks about your performance but also quotable testimonials. If you have them in writing, it’s only fair to repurpose those for a good cause. You can also highlight them in your resume’s certification and accreditation section for a better presentation.

Include Your Security Clearances

Although it is a secondary part of your resume, it is important for the employer. So it should be mentioned in clear terms on your resume. Usually, military clearances are very difficult to get a hold of by a recruiter since some may include top-secret information. Providing a record can help save a recruiter time and money. Although most civilian jobs don’t require such highly confidential information, big organizations may prefer a background check. Providing these records helps build recruiters’ trust in you by showing your responsibility and accountability to the company.

Build a Successful Civilian Resume with Finest Resume Writers

A great resume shows you are a high achiever without saying it deliberately. Rather than listing your job responsibilities, describe the results you achieved. Using numbers can also help you quantify your value to the firm. Using bullet points, headings, and consistent formatting makes your application easy to read. Use relevant keywords and skills to show that you are proactive and have read the job description carefully.

Revamping your military records according to civilian standards needs undivided attention and time. And still, most people fail to transform their accomplishments into effective terms. Hiring a professional military resume writing services can save you from the hassle. Online services like Finest Resume Writers offer a separate team of experienced writers from similar backgrounds. They are trained professionals that can provide a custom-made resume with quick turnovers. 

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Roxen Smith is a certified professional resume writer and is well-versed in the latest industry standards and trends. She is a highly skilled and experienced resume and cover letter writing expert with over ten years of experience in the field. At Finest Resume Writing Services, she has a proven track record of helping job seekers land their dream jobs by crafting compelling resumes that showcase their strengths and qualifications.

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