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Get to Know the Multidisciplinary Creative Gabe Shaddow Who Prefers Staying Behind the Scenes

Gabriel “Gabe” Shaddow is a multidisciplinary creative who has made a name for himself as a photographer, creative director, producer, and designer. Despite working with high-profile artists like Ty Dolla Sign and Wiz Khalifa, Gabe prefers to stay behind the scenes and let his work speak for itself.

Born in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, Gabe discovered his passion for photography when he began attending local events and shows as a way to cope with depression. He began taking photos of various artists and eventually started sneaking into bigger shows to snap pictures of his favorite musicians.

“I was so depressed, following a breakup, that I started going to show at Echo Park’s Highlight room, and ‘Lowend Theory’ and ‘HAMONEVERYTHINGs’ shows to distract myself,” Gabe recalls. “I started taking photos of all these artists when later it became my therapy. Afterward, it became so addicting collecting all these shots that eventually I started sneaking into bigger shows and finessing my way to taking photos of my favorite artists, which I listed too.”

Gabe’s determination and hard work paid off when he was approached by Ty Dolla Sign and his DJ, Dre Sinatra, to go on tour as a photographer. Since then, he’s remained on the road, working with a number of high-profile artists, including Lil Pump and Wiz Khalifa.

In addition to his photography work, he also has a few other side hustles that keep him busy. First, Gabe is the co-founder and producer of the “Tapped In Podcast,” a hip-hop podcast that aims to keep things organic and avoids spreading rumors in the music culture.

The other is his self-proclaimed favorite, which is producing music. Gabe’s producing career features several hit tracks, including two songs on Ty Dolla Sign’s album “Featuring Ty Dolla Sign” – “Lift Me Up” with Young Thug and Future and “Nothing Like Your Exes.”

Gabe credits his success to the support of his mother and grandparents. His mother, who was a single parent, worked hard to provide for him and encouraged his artistic pursuits. His grandparents taught him the value of hard work and being a good person.

He shared, “If it weren’t for my grandparents, we would’ve been homeless. My grandparents were really my parents in life. They showed me the ropes of how to be a man, work hard, have manners, and be a good person. My mom was all the sauce. She gave me all the creative juices I needed and full support to do whatever I wanted.”

Currently, Gabe is busy working for Taylor Gang, Wiz Khalifa, and Tapped In while also focusing on his music. His work includes knowledge of algorithms and engagement, a lot of graphic design, and the ability to produce on-the-go shoots with his photo and video expertise.

Expanding on this a bit, Gabe explained, “I’m also Taylor Gang’s E-Sports coordinator, and I shoot, produce & edit Tapped in Podcast episodes weekly. I make beats M-F from 9 PM-5 AM and knock out a lot of my work at artist studios during the day. I just love being in the environment as much as I can, and I love multitasking.”

He advises others to pursue their passions and not give up, saying, “If you want something, go get it. Eventually, people stop saying ‘no,’ so why give up?”

“I’m really determined that whatever I do, I’ll succeed and strive to be the best I can be,” continued Gabe. “Whatever you set your mind to is possible; it’s just the willpower behind it. Through the roller coasters of life, we all have a path, so stick to it or find another passion.”

To keep up with Gabe and his work, you can follow him on Instagram at @gabeshaddow and check out his website at You can also follow the “Tapped in Podcast” on Instagram at @tappedin to stay updated on new episodes. Don’t miss out on the latest from this talented multidisciplinary creative!

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