Get Set to Play in Web3 with $GSP – Infrastructure for the Gaming Metaverse

Gamers are a premium consumer market. The gaming industry is now worth more as an industry than movies and music combined. As the digital worlds of the metaverse unfold, an endless playground for our future imaginative endeavours, how we play has never been more central to the social and real-world economy. It has to be done right. 

By leveraging the ownership economies of the blockchain, providing decentralised platforms for streaming and tournaments, and opening up the endless possibilities of the GameFi and eSports metaverse, Get Set Play will help usher in a gaming multiverse built for web3, a portal through which gamers can begin taking advantage of everything the metaverse has to offer.

What is Get Set Play?

Get Set Play ($GSP) is an eSports and GameFi multiverse ecosystem that acts as a one-stop solution to every aspect of web3 gaming, and helps bridge web2 systems over into the new internet. It launches with three verticals, GSP Channel, GSP Arena, and the GSP city. Together, these interoperable segments give players the complete solution to gaming on the blockchain.

GSP Channel – Total Streaming Platform On-Chain

The GSP channel is a P2P eSports streaming channel that lets creators earn 100% of the revenue generated from viewers, while those viewers also earn $GSP tokens from watching their favourite streamers. It takes away obstacles to viewership and lets creators and communities create stronger P2P communities without the centralised control of a provider like Twitch collecting rents and controlling the communities interaction. 

Furthermore, it allows for pseudonymous identity and has DAO moderation to prevent problematic hate raids. This protects content creators and inspires the best gamers in the shadows to come out of the woodwork and show the world their skills. 

The GSP Channel is built on a decentralised peer-to-peer streaming platform that transforms redundant computing and bandwidth into a streaming solution that serves the needs of creators, businesses, and consumers who want streamed content. This holistic environment distributes value widely through the network with $GSP and incentivises hosts, viewers, and creators alike.

Users running GetSetPlay nodes will be responsible for the upkeep of this P2P platform. The community can band together to quickly intercept and stop hateful chat, bot raids, and other issues that plagued traditional streaming services. Nodes can also participate in validating the GetSetPlay network, authenticating tournament results, and more. Running a node will be a great way for gamers to make more, literally, out of their setups, by donating their usually high and/ior excess computing power and bandwidth to make the GetSetPlay metaverse go round.

GSP Arena – eSports for the Web3 Generation

eSports continues to be a growing market, with record investment from traditional companies seeking to build their brands among one of the world’s largest and growing consumer demographics, gamers. However, ensuring fairness in all sports is difficult, and the problem is particularly acute online where servers are open to potential hacks and cheats and matchmaking and progress is adjudicated by a centralised entity, with little rewards anywhere in sight save in-game cosmetics – if you’re lucky – or just a rank badge. 

The GSP Arena solves all this. As a glicko-2 based matchmaking and validating server, it opens the door for tournaments to be run fairly, impartially, and with in-built rewards directly on the blockchain. Winners and losers can be validated on-chain, and prize pools then paid out to the winners automatically on match completion. 

Best of all, the efficiencies of the blockchain means that far more of the prize pool can be paid directly to competitors, rather than being absorbed by the organisers themselves. These organizers are stuck in traditional structures and running tournaments is expensive, and capital inefficiency is high. Furthermore, there is no chance of the organising entity absconding with the funds or holding them for six months while they use the liquidity to stop from going broke (a tale all too common).

The P2P GSP Arena ensures everything is automatic and transparent. It’s an efficient, player-powered tournament and matchmaking service that any game in the metaverse can use to fire up their own tournaments.

GSP City – A Portal to the Multiverse of Games

These two verticals combine in GSP City, the hub to the wider gaming metaverse. Digital ownership empowers gamers to accumulate true value commensurate with the thousands of hours they spend playing the games and populating the worlds that create all that value in the first place. 

Using the blockchain, players can own in-game items in as true a sense as they own their laptop or their car. The ramifications for this are endless, and all benefit the players themselves. Interoperable digital assets like avatars, NFTs, in-game collectibles, power ups, skins, items, and even pieces of the gaming worlds themselves, can all be tokenized on the blockchain. 

It creates thriving ‘real’ economies in digital worlds, real because that value can be transferred out of that game and into another, or simply into Bitcoin or Ethereum or Matic, or even USD. This is the promise the blockchain offers gamers, to turn their till-now ‘rented’ in-game items into real world value that rewards them for the time spent and the skills they show in game. 

The GSP City will act as a hub for all of this. It will be a marketplace for endless in-game items across the multiverse of blockchain gaming. Digital assets from every corner of the metaverse will flow through it, and users will be able to enter new games and new experiences in browser and in VR directly from the GSP dApp, with integrated wallets instantly seeing what items and tokens users have and letting them get straight into playing the game.

What is the $GSP Token?

The GSP token, $GSP, underpins every part of the Get Set Play ecosystem. Gamers can collect $GSP by competing in tournaments, streaming their latest grind session, and watching their favourite streamers. If they choose, they can also get involved under the hood, using their hardware to run nodes to secure the $GSP chain and validate tournament results. $GSP is also available for getting involved in the wider community and participating in the metagaming zone and attending hype plaza events. 

$GSP can be staked, opening up access to premier tournaments and letting users collect a share of the revenue from streaming profits. If they choose, gamers can set up their own tournaments, and host them in their very own corner of the $GSP metaverse, land of which is purchasable, as are upgrades for streaming channels and access to greater use of the community bandwidth. $GSP will also be a fulcrum currency in the multi-game metaverse marketplace for all NFTs representing in-game collections from across the gaming metaverse. 

Get, Set, Play. $GSP to Take Gaming into Web3

Get Set Play is an ambitious protocol that seeks to seize the moment that gaming makes its inevitable transition from web2 to web3. By providing the infrastructure for a truly decentralised player-powered gaming ecosystem that rewards the long tail of players and content creators the current system leaves behind, 


Get Set Play will be a perfect portal for the new gaming economy. The metaverse has the possibility to change the way gaming is done forever, and for the better. In-game achievements become real-world achievements with real-world value, and digital ownership lets players take control of the games they love to play, and streamers and communities to align more closely and achieve greater things together. Get Set Play empowers all of this, and just at the right time. Gaming is about to go into web2. Get set, and get ready to play in it, with Get Set Play


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