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Get rid of spiders from your home – What to know about pest control

According to humorous internet memes, the easiest way to get rid of spiders is to move out right away or set your house on fire. Thanks to pest control techniques, you won’t need to take such extreme steps to get rid of these pests, however, you will need to act swiftly to prevent their pals from also visiting.

Spiders will be drawn to your home and yard for a variety of reasons. Insects are one of the key ones. Spiders will enter your home and yard in quest of insects because those are their primary food sources. However, there are numerous other elements—including, but not limited to, food, water, warmth, darkness, and more—that might draw spiders to your house and yard.

Here’s how you can get rid of spiders in Glen Burnie, MD.

What should you do when you spot a spider?

Spiders are pests that are usually welcome in a garden because they deter other pests from eating your flowers and veggies. However, they’re not such a pretty sight when they enter your house. Even if a lone spider isn’t necessarily a reason for concern, you should check to be sure it’s not the leader of an infestation and that it’s just a single spider.

Following are some reasons why, if you spot only one offender, your Spidey sense should go into overdrive: You’ll have a major problem if spiders put their eggs inside your house. One hundred to tens of thousands of eggs may be found in the egg sacs. Despite the fact that they are not as damaging as termites, you do not want spiders to take over your house.

Natural ways of eliminating spiders


  • Vacuum

Give your house a thorough cleaning before you begin any do-it-yourself spider attacks. Pay great attention to furniture’s undersides, closets, and corners. As soon as you’re done, dump the vacuum canister or throw the bag in the trash. You want to get the trash out of your house as soon as possible in case you pick up any webs or spider egg sacs along the route.


  • Use water and lemon

For humans, this is a cool beverage, but once more, not so much for spiders. Shake a spray bottle of water with a lemon squeezed into it before using. Since citrus fruits don’t appeal to spiders, you may alternatively use lemon essential oil or another member of the citrus family.


  • Try eucalyptus or peppermint oil

Essential oils may be comforting to humans, but not to spiders. They will go out of their way to avoid anything that smells like eucalyptus or peppermint. Spray this mixture anyplace you think spiders might be able to enter your home because spiders use their legs to sniff and taste things. In a 16 oz spray bottle, add around 10 drops of oil to the water. 

It’s essential to remember that while some spiders can be nuisances, the majority are harmless and even beneficial by helping control other pests. Identifying the type of spider and assessing the severity of the infestation can help determine the appropriate course of action. If you have concerns about spider infestations or are unsure about the species you’re dealing with, consulting a pest control expert can provide valuable guidance.


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