Get Rediscovered with Bubblo App, A Decentralized Discovery App

There are lots of apps on Android that allows us to do things we can only imagine. So it won’t be a surprise when a new app comes into the market that is helping you streamline your options about your favorite top venues by providing you with the necessary information on them.

The Bubblo App and how it works

The Bubblo App is an artificial intelligence app, using blockchain technology and virtual reality to build a marketplace that allows users monetized their personal information for rewards. The app uses the virtual reality technology to give users a 360 degrees real-time view of their favorite venues such as clubs, restaurants, hotels, and information of the venue before you even step foot into it. In addition, the app provides other information like how busy the venue is, the deals offered, and the gender ratio with an update video every 10 seconds of the venue to help them choose well where to go. So how does this app work?

The Bubblo app is an information gathering app – it collects data and visuals of venues to give consumers the ability to make better options. It intends to achieve this by providing essential information on any venue around the world, showcasing travelers and residents (in) their favorite places;

  • Bubblo promotes business for venues by giving users live information about the venues
  • Bubblo provides users with the best deals and takeaways from the various venues
  • Bubblo gives you information based on your search history and what you post
  • Bubblo connects users in real-time to venues around the globe where they can get information and deals concerning them

Who is the Bubblo app for?

Since the app is Android and IOS-based, it is built for tech-savvy populace aged 18 – 35 whose lives are centered on their smartphones for their day to day activities. The intended target group includes university students, tourists, business travelers, adventurists and party freaks or clients that visit restaurants, bars, clubs or public recreation centers in major cities around the globe. The success of the app in London propelled the app to be tested in the Middle East and India where the market is fairly large with lesser competition. The app is great for socializing and depends on the number of likes and popularity of a venue.

Who benefits and how?

Two classes of people benefit from the Bubblo app:

The User:  user gets to earn the BUBL token from the platform by adding pictures of venues and giving honest reviews and videos about a venue that help customers make decisions on a venue.

The business: The businesses, in turn, use the Bubblo platform and user reviews to entice the customers to visit and patronize their businesses. This solves the problems that businesses face of not having real reviews from customers that have actually visited and used their facilities or engaged with their staff. The Bubblo app serves as a free advertising platform for businesses that download the app.

What makes the Bubblo App Unique?

Anyone can post a picture or review a venue but why is Bubblo app different from the others. The Bubblo app uses AI and VR discovery features to correctly filter “real reviews from fake reviews”. This AI technology calculates the BUBL that the post is worth and transfers the money to the user’s account.

The pros of using Bubblo App

  • The geographical scalability: because of it’s open and user-friendly API, users can develop their own database of venues from any city around the globe using existing data on the platform. The Bubblo app partners with local businesses and service providers to help advertise their app on the app to get the needed visibility for their businesses.
  • Become a VR marketer: with Bubblo, users can become VR marketers and earn while visiting the business by posting videos online with honest reviews about a venue.
  • Make money without stress: with multiple income stream channels, users can make money without stress from the platform while giving Bubblo the desired popularity in the blockchain space.
  • The technology behind the platform: the AI technology makes the app a unique platform that fits into the machine learning world without stress

The BUBL Token and ICO

The Bubblo ICO started on the 25th of July. The Token BUBL is based on the Ethereum smart contract and will adhere to all specification of the ERC-20 protocol.

The BUBL token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is valued at $0.05 USD. The ICO is placing 50% of their tokens up for sale which is 400 million BUBL. The soft and hard caps are 8 million and 20 million dollars. The platform accepts the ETH, BTC, and FIAT currencies and opens for investors from all countries all over the globe including China and the United States.

Users can earn on the platform easily; when users post pictures and360-degree videos of top rated venues, report bugs, and crashes, make suggestions, advice or refer a friend to the app, they earn the tokens. Customers also get incentives from viewing and visiting the venues listed on the app and get special deals from the venues.

Currently, the app seems to cater to all classes of people – users, marketers, venue owners, and investors by allowing them to earn on every level. The app is giving power to the people through a decentralized platform and is solving the many problems plagued by other apps in the same group. Investing in the platform is safe and looks promising with a strong team and advisory board with broad mindsets and intellect.

The Bubblo app was founded by Shashank Sripada, a former banker turned entrepreneur with a vast background and knowledge in politics, finance, economics, and consulting.  The team is made up of 21 experienced and well-educated minds that understand and have a high passion for the project. The advisory board is made up of experts with vast expertise and understanding about the blockchain technology.

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