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Get ready! Crypto.People.DeFi opens registration for Dubai event in October

Crypto Dubai event

The world is moving fast towards te new economy, where the digital blockchain-based products are merged with traditional financial instruments. There is no better time to explore this ongoing transition we are in at exclusive event Crypto.People.DeFi, which is taking place on October 23rd in Dubai.

Crypto.People.DeFi is the first event held by the industry payment processor pioneers, CoinsPaid.  

Why do you need to attend? 

The rapidly growing DeFi sector brings to the market new products and services disrupting traditional banking and finance. The latest report by Deloitte suggests that we can expect fiat currencies to be replaced by crypto assets in as little as five years only. 

Join Crypto.People.DeFi to stay on top of the news and be the first to know the industry insights.

The event will gather top industry experts, blockchain masterminds and influencers to participate in the individual presentations and discussion panels. Established and start up companies will have an opportunity to show off their latest developments in the expo hall and offer a top notch networking experience. 

Crypto.People.DeFi allows people from all over the globe to unite and exchange ideas and solutions in formal and informal contexts, whether in the exhibition hall or during the after-party.

Experts and panelists will enlighten the attendees on cryptocurrencies, payment solutions, regulation, and other trending topics in the DeFi and Fintech industry. Finally, all participants will finish the day with innovative strategies and contacts to apply to their businesses. 

General sponsor CoinsPaid Media

The general media partner for Crypto.People.DeFi is CoinsPaid Media, which will officially announce the launch of their digital platform during the event. 

Crypto event Dubai

CoinsPaid Media is an online educational platform for an audience that is interested in cryptocurrency technologies and their active use both in our daily lives and in business. They are entirely focused on providing space for the independent opinions, news, and the latest information on crypto fintech, sharing life hacks, best practices and investment ideas.

How to get there? 

Please check for a detailed agenda and registration guide. 

You can attend Crypto.People.DeFi as an attendee, speaker, sponsor or an exhibitor. Please note that the number of attendees is limited. Registration is required and is currently open.

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