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Get Paid For Your Data: Interview with Lyndon Oh, founder of Ozone

Lyndon Oh

Lyndon Oh, Ph.D., ex-Google, ex-Facebook, and former data scientist after working for the tech giants, is now on a mission to give data control back to the people. Lyndon is the co-founder & CEO of Ozone, a disruptive new startup that gives users the power to own and monetize their online data, creating a new economy around individual data ownership. Lyndon shares more insights into Ozone in this exclusive interview with TechBullion.

Please tell us a little more about yourself?

My name is Lyndon Oh and I’m the founder of Ozone. I started the company after working as a data scientist at Facebook and manager at Google. Inside the belly of the beast, I saw how Big Tech was unfairly profiting off of users’ data and wanted to create a new advertising model that lets consumers share in the profits.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a company that gives users the power to own and monetize their online data. In a word, we are “Democratizing” the Internet with the first permissions-based, wealth-generating system.  Consumers gain total control of their data, choosing what they want to share and profit from. Brands gain more targeted prospects and reward consumers for their engagement.

How does Ozone work and what makes it unique?

Traditionally, advertisers pay platforms like Facebook and Google to show user ads based upon their personal data, without paying them for their data, time, and attention. At Ozone, we are turning that model upside down, with advertisers instead paying users for their time if it is being spent online viewing ads. We are coming to users where they are, as a layer on the internet.

On Ozone, you can earn income from your personal data, please tell us more about this?

Ozone users are paid a weekly paycheck just for browsing the web. Advertisers need browsing history data now more than ever with the phase out of third-party tracking cookies. Users can cash out when they reach a monthly $20 threshold. Ozone’s model is to share advertising revenue with its users.

 Ozone has simple and free tools that take seconds to set up, could you give us a walkthrough of these tools?

It is simple and free to join Ozone! Create an account on our website and get a free Browser Extension that runs silently in the background while you surf the web. You keep using the internet, and we connect you to advertisers and companies that will pay you cash and rewards for your time and attention. We give you control of that data from our HQ, which allows you to control what kind of ads you get.

Ozone provides automated access to the best deals and rewards, how does this work?

Users sign up and onboard through a simple flow to tell us about their favorite brands and products. Ozone goes to work and highlights great deals for our users by finding similar deals and offers from competitors. We will serve automated deals directly to your browser.

 On Ozone, you can share your opinion and earn extra income, please elaborate?

Ozone users regularly receive survey opportunities that tell us and our partnering companies their specific likes and preferences. For their participation in the survey, users receive cash and better future offers.

 What is Ozone Deals?

Ozone Deals is a free service that connects consumers to live deals from their favorite brands. Using Ozone Deals, Internet users will be able to search for the best live deals from their favorite brands, and under the same roof that houses their personal monetizable data which they can then share with brands for even better personalized deals and cashback on purchases.

 At what stage of development is the Ozone platform and what is next on your road map?

Ozone Data Dividend and Ozone Deals will be available to everyone on May 1st, 2021. Next on our roadmap, we are releasing our mobile app with gamified experiences for users!

 Do you have more information or opportunities to share with our readers today? What’s New?

We are the first internet company to compensate users with cash for being internet users! Sign up for Ozone today, get rewarded and be a part of the data ownership revolution.

For more information, visit the website:

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