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Get More Results With Website Audits

People who talk about Google and its algorithm have a saying that you need to first understand what is wrong with your website before you can even take a step towards optimizing for the search engine, and the best way to get started is by getting a website audit report from experienced professionals.

Imagine this… When you search for something on the web using a search engine, how often do you scroll past the first page of results to look at the subsequent pages? (I’m assuming the answer is not much.) Because Google rolls out new updates on an almost monthly basis, website owners have no choice but to adapt and make adjustments to better position the content of their pages.

Website audits are also essential from a design perspective, and this may involve checking for broken links or dead links; poor design elements that negatively impact usability; duplicate content issues; and other technical malfunctions.

It’s very disheartening to see web designers build websites for their clients with gorgeous designs, but the HTML structure of the headings and the pages as a whole doesn’t meet Google guidelines. This results in a company’s website being marked as spam in the eyes of Google. It is even more unlikely that the website will ever be discovered. There is always help available out there, and IZ Digital, a company that has a proven track record in bringing websites sustainable growth, has come forward to help website owners gain their positions on Google.

According to statistics from the internet, more than 250,000 new websites are launched each day. These days, it is extremely difficult to position a brand on Google. However, the good news is that you can beat most of your competitors because almost 70 percent of them don’t meet search engine guidelines and therefore never see any results at all. Google is always on the lookout for web pages that are most relevant to their users and provides a more positive experience for those users. As a direct consequence of this development, search engines are shifting their focus more toward the needs of their users.

Don’t overthink this anymore. There are easy digital website audits available now, making it even simpler for businesses to figure out how they can increase the volume and quality of the organic traffic that visits each page of their website.

The audit will provide some of the following information:

  1. Missing H1 tag
  2. Multiple H1 tags
  3. Missing H2
  4. Too short Meta Title
  5. Too long Meta Title
  6. Missing Meta Description
  7. Too short Meta Description
  8. No internal links
  9. Broken links
  10. Missing from sitemap
  11. Internal redirects found
  12. Missing Meta Title
  13. Duplicate Title tags
  14. Duplicate Meta Descriptions
  15. Too long Meta Description
  16. Page mark as nofollow
  17. Page mark as noindex
  18. No external links
  19. Sitemap not found
  20. The robots.txt file is missing
  21. URL is not SEO Friendly

And much more…

As I write this article, Google is in the process of rolling out a new update that they are calling the “Helpful Content Update”. This update will primarily prioritize websites that have useful content that was created specifically for their visitors. Because so many people try to game Google, these strategies aren’t as effective as they once were. Everyone should invest in improving their SEO for the long term. This means optimizing content both for users and for search engines like Google.

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