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Get Cash Without Selling Your Crypto; Interview with Michael Stroev, COO at Nebeus.


Nebeus is introducing more useful ways to bridge your crypto and cash by allowing people to get loans, access financial services, and earn using their Crypto, all without selling it. COO Michael Stroev shares more details with us in this exclusive interview with TechBullion.

Please tell us a little more about yourself?

My name is Michael Stroev, and I’m the COO and Head of product at Nebeus

Before joining Nebeus, I had a very international career building products and startups in more than five countries and across more than eight diverse industries. At Nebeus, I have multiple hats: I lead the development of our products, and I oversee our daily operations. I also lead all of Nebeus’s marketing, so you can say that I’m the COO & Head of Product Marketing. 

What is Nebeus, and what unique services are you bringing to the fintech market?

Nebeus is a crypto-collateralized lending platform that allows people to leverage their digital asset investments to get cash while continuing to HODL their crypto. The uniqueness of our platform is that we have a whole ecosystem of accompanying crypto and fintech products that allow people to not only get loans but also purchase insurance for their digital assets, earn, and trade. Our goal with Nebeus is to give people a platform to cover all of their needs so that when a person joins Nebeus, he doesn’t have to leave to another platform to accomplish what he wants.

What is the currency market size of the fintech & crypto Innovations market, and what trends should we expect?

If we speak about the crypto-collateralized lending market, the size of the market at the end of 2020 was approximately $25B, and it grew by 1170% from 2019 figures. More and more people and large institutions realize the worth of leveraging their crypto investments to secure loans. The use cases start from paying for everyday needs and expenses, diversifying investment portfolios, and all the way to funding businesses and paying for mortgage down-payments. I’m a strong believer that this market will continue growing and reach its close-to-trillion-dollar potential sooner than expected.

If we speak about general innovations, I can say that most products that we find today in the crypto space are innovations that are challenging the way we think about money and financial systems. I believe that we’ll see a more solid merger between the crypto and fintech worlds in the future. At Nebeus, that’s exactly what we’re doing by continually adding innovative fintech features to our platform. 

Nebeus offers Crypto Insurance, tell us more about this and how it works?

Nebeus users can purchase a subscription allowing them to insure their crypto investments with a $100M insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London covering hacks, theft & loss of keys, and much more. This is the first-ever subscription product in the crypto industry. 

When Nebeus users purchase a subscription, they’ll get access to an Insured Vault to which they’ll be able to transfer their crypto directly from their Nebeus wallets. Nebeus will then transfer those assets to our partners, Bitgo, for custody and safekeeping in cold storage and a bank-grade class III secure vault. Bitgo is the world’s leading digital asset trust & security company. The whole process is covered by the $100M insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London. 

The whole process is as simple as transferring money internally within your bank accounts, and Nebeus users can easily withdraw funds from their Insured Vault at any time.

What types of Loans are available on Nebeus and who is qualified for these loans?

Nebeus has two loan options: quick loans and flexible loans.

Quick loans are for a maximum of 3 months, and are for small sums, from €50 to €500, and are primarily used for day-to-day expenses. A more traditional name for these kinds of loans is bridge loans. We offer the lowest interest rate on the market for these loans, which is 0%. 

Flexible loans are loans that are fully customizable and offer one of the highest LTVs on the market. Nebeus users can choose their LTV anywhere within the range of 50% and up to 80%. The higher the LTV, the higher the interest rate. Loan terms are up to 36 months, and the max loan amount is €250K.

Anyone is qualified to secure a loan on Nebeus as long as they verify their identity and have crypto to deposit as collateral. The whole process from verification to loan approval can be as fast as 30 minutes if the person has all the necessary documents for verification.

Could you tell us more about the renting options available on Nebeus and how it works?

Crypto Renting is a concept where Nebeus users can rent their cryptocurrencies to Nebeus, and Nebeus will pay for the use of those cryptocurrencies on a daily or monthly basis. Nebeus users can earn up to 6.75% APY by depositing Bitcoin or Ethereum into a Crypto Renting program. There is a lockup period, and it varies depending on the renting program, but it’s not substantial in length, going from 1 month to 4 months. The maximum rent period is 36 months, meaning that users who open a program today will keep the 6.75% APY for three years.

How do the Wallet and international cash Transfers work on Nebeus?

The Nebeus Wallet is just like any other crypto wallet. Users can transfer crypto to Nebeus from any other digital wallet for free. One feature that distinguishes us is that Nebeus users can send crypto to other Nebeus users instantly and for free. No other platform in the industry offers such a service. 

Nebeus is full of innovations in terms of FIAT transfers, and we’re continually adding new fintech features. Today, users can add and withdraw FIAT funds to and from their accounts using their bank cards, bank transfers, and they can even deposit cash at more than 260k physical retail locations called cash collection points.

Do you have any available opportunities for investors and partners at Nebeus?

Yes, we are currently fundraising for our Series-A investment round. In December 2020, we closed the pre-Series-A crowdfunding round organized through the equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs. We raised more than €955K from 240 investors and with the support of the British Government’s Future Fund. We overachieving our targets by 215%!

Today we’re seeking to close the Series-A round by raising an additional €6M to fuel our growth and expansion.

Do you have more information for our readers?

We have a lot of information on Nebeus’s website and blog that I highly recommend you visit. 

We also share a lot on all of our social media channels, and we organize monthly fireside chat events on our YouTube channel, with many key industry speakers.  

Follow along and join our journey!

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