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Get an Extra €10 by Sending Money Online Using Bank Transfer

ACE send money to pakistan

Sending money online to your friends and family with ACE Money Transfer is a quick, secure, and easy way to send money to Pakistan and anywhere globally. You can keep track of your transfer’s progress by just entering the transaction code and getting the status of your payments whether you have a mobile app or website access.

International Money Transfer via ACE

When it comes to international money transfers, several factors are to be considered, making it difficult to pick the best choice. Changes in regulations and currency fluctuations are uncontrollable variables. On the other hand, the transaction’s time, amount, and payment method can all be controlled and monitored.

ACE Money Transfer has continuously provided a rapid and safe money transfer service to recipients in over 100 countries. Furthermore, they are continuously expanding their network by introducing new corridors to bring their customers closer to their loved ones.

They’ve made it easier than ever for their valued customers to securely send payments using a public money transfer service.

Everyone enjoys getting higher rates or an additional incentive when they transfer money, and only a select few companies will offer you an additional €10. Let us walk you through how ACE Money Transfer provides safe money transfers as well as a €10 extra.

Get an extra €10 when you use ACE Money Transfer:

If you are living in a city in Germany and you make your first online bank transfer from Germany to any of the 100+ countries within ACE’s network via Trustly, ACE Money Transfer will give you an additional €10.

How to make International Transfers using ACE Money Transfer?

Having an online account to transfer money is convenient for ACE Money Transfer’s loyal customers. You can log in with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google id if you don’t have an online account. You will be asked for your address, email, and phone number for security purposes.

Because they’re specialists, ACE Money Transfer knows the importance of transactions, whether it’s a bank deposit or a cash transfer.

Track Transfer

To check the progress of your payment and keep track of it, enter the transaction code into the ‘My Transaction’ option and you’ll get all the info about the transaction.

ACE Money Transfer – A great service

ACE Money Transfer is pleased to provide its loyal customers with payment services. Customers can pick up their money or have it directly deposited into their accounts at any major commercial bank.

You can also win some things by participating in their other initiatives or using their simple payment system. Soon, they’ll be revealing some special deals and rewards. Conduct an online money transfer with ACE Money Transfer and follow these procedures to receive great prizes:

  1. Choose a payout option, such as Bank or Cash, from the Payout calculator.
  2. Make a payment partner selection.
  3. Pick on the money you decide to spend.
  4. To the best of your abilities, fill out the Beneficiary Information field.
  5. You can use a debit card, a credit card, or an online bank transfer as a payment option.
  6. Verify the information and describe how the money will be received.
  7. Click “Send” after selecting “Pay Now.”

That’s it, your money transfer to Pakistan or another country is on its way to your beneficiary and your beneficiary will receive the amount within minutes through ACE Money Transfer. 

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