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There are a number of crypto trading websites available on the internet for users. From the simple that allows selling or buying of only a couple of cryptocurrencies to the full-fledged exchange with hundreds of trading pairs with historical data and corporate level investment options available.

These trading platforms that deal in decentralized cryptocurrencies are, ironically, centralized in nature. The closed system and reluctance of the platform operators to allow for maximum options lead to users having limited options and instruments of trading. Designed to maximize profits for the owners, these platforms have little care beyond making a living.

TRADE.IO, THE CARING PLATFORM is a Blockchain based cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that is specially designed to ensure that user satisfaction is kept above all things. This is keeping true to the spirit of decentralization. The users have voted and the team has listened.


This is the most anticipated trading instrument on the platform. This allows users to park a portion of their assets in their platform e-wallets into a shared P2P liquidity pool. The assets bound for the pool are used in trading as one major single investor into multiple trading assets. The profit and loss are calculated on a daily bases and half of the profits (or loss) is distributed among the pool investors (according to the percentage of their investment in the pool).

Earning for the liquidity pool are earned in the following ways:

  • Spreads: All trades have a difference in asking price and selling price. This is called the spread. 50% of the earnings made by the platform through spreads will go into the liquidity pool.
  • Commission: When spreads are very tight, the little room for profit margins in spreads means that the broker cannot earn profitably while making deals. This leads to a commission based incentive. Again, half of all the commissions that platform makes will go into the pool.
  • Aggregation: The platform combines all unmatched orders into one single large order before execution so that unprocessed transactions can be executed and a good spread and commissions are earned on it.
  • Risk Positions: Risk management is done using propriety algorithms and leveraging on the micro and macro level, maximizing profit potential for the liquidity pool.
  • Loan Interest: Users can earn by loaning their wallet assets to others and earn interest on it. Same as all above, half of the profit earned goes into the liquidity pool.

Creating a demographic decentralized platform, has created one of the most interesting trading and earning system that allows its users to earn a handsome profit.

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