Get a DAZN VPN and Never Miss a Match


DAZN had plans to expand to 200 countries worldwide in March. Due to the pandemic, the launch was delayed until the end of July 2020 – so it’s officially here! Unfortunately, their worldwide offer only includes boxing at the moment. Its many other sporting options (soccer, football, basketball, and more) are restricted to select countries. Unless you use a DAZN VPN, that is.

Like to keep up with your favorite athletes and teams? Well, ProPrivacy were kind enough to recommend the perfect VPNs for unblocking DAZN and its full sports catalog, anywhere in the world. See below how to watch your favorite sports, even if they aren’t licensed for broadcast in your area.

Why Watch DAZN Using a VPN

For the moment, DAZN has its main sports packages in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, the US, Italy, Spain, and Brazil. Even if you live in one of those areas, you’re still missing out on a lot of stuff, depending on the licensing deals that go on behind the scenes.

Moreover, if you’re about to travel abroad while an important match is going on, you might find out it’s not available for streaming. Sure, you could always catch it “On Demand” back home, but let’s not kid ourselves – the “live” experience is miles better.

How to Watch DAZN with a VPN

Fortunately, you can cheer your team on along with the live audience by using a DAZN VPN. All you need to do is sign up with a trusty provider, install the VPN client, log in, and choose a server from the wide variety of countries available. You’ll be able to access that country’s DAZN broadcasts as if you were physically there.

DAZN (or any website for that matter) can see your current location by reading your device’s current IP address. By connecting to a VPN server in a different country, your IP is replaced with that server’s address. That’s what allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy unlimited content from around the world.

This works for any other streaming platform, by the way – so don’t limit yourself to just DAZN. Try out one of ProPrivacy’s VPN picks and get the most out of your Netflix sub by unblocking their international catalog. Or try out something new, and watch BBC iPlayer or Hulu shows without annoying geo-blocks.

Does Any VPN Work with DAZN?

We wish they did, but most streaming sites disapprove of VPN usage on their service. As such, they set up VPN filters that IP-block most traffic they deem “suspicious.” Most, if not all, free VPNs get caught in these filters, so you’re better off with a subscription-based one that can reliably unblock DAZN. Those providers can usually afford to get fresh new IPs for customers, as well as so-called “stealth servers” so you can sneak by unnoticed.

Further, you don’t have to deal with the slow streaming speeds of free VPNs. Buffering can absolutely ruin the moment, especially when it comes to live sporting events. Of course, slow speeds are the least of your worries if your free provider has a monthly data limit. Imagine getting halfway through a football game before everything slows down to a crawl because you’ve reached your data cap.

This isn’t even getting into the security risks of free VPNs, but we won’t bore you with the details. Point being, you’re better off sticking with one of ProPrivacy’s recommendations from the beginning. Skip the hassle and jump straight into your favorite DAZN broadcasts, right away.

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