German HealthTech Viraprevent fights viruses, bacteria and multi-resistant germs

German HealthTech Viraprevent fights viruses

Renowned inventor, founder and CEO Dr. Lutz Rothe presents a user-friendly device designed to inactive illness-causing microorganisms through targeted wavelengths.

Viraprevent has officially launched, with Dr. Lutz Rothe, the founder and CEO, setting a target of preventing the death of over 20 million people due to bacteria, germs, and other similar microorganisms that cause illnesses. The device was founded by Dr. Rothe, a renowned inventor of digital information transmission. The basic idea here was to create the groundbreaking Viraprevent designed to leverage the wavelength technology without causing harm to humans.

Viraprevent is particularly interesting in the fight against multi-resistant germs in hospitals and doctors’ offices,” said founder and CEO Dr. Lutz Rothe. “Corona will continue to persist and unfortunately it will not have been the last pandemic. We want to prevent more than 20 million from continuing to die each year due to bacteria, viruses and multidrug-resistant germs.”

The Covid-19 pandemic undoubtedly ravaged the world, exposing the vulnerability of humans to microorganisms as well as the deficiencies of solutions supposedly designed to protect people from the harmful effects of germs and viruses. Several tools and solutions have been designed over the years and in recent times to help people stay safe and healthy. However, many of such resources are not particularly effective and user-friendly, which is where Dr. Rothe is looking to make a difference with Viraprevent.

The founder of Viraprevent, Dr. Lutz Rothe is known for several inventions, including the flat antenna in cars, the telecommunication amplification on the Berlin railroad, and the SOS pillar on the freeways. He was inspired to create Viraprevent after discovering that the exact wavelength range he was working on for data transmission can kill viruses and bacteria without being dangerous to humans.

High risks of infection and multi-resistant germs are some of the facets that could previously only be partially contained by chemical disinfection or mandatory masking. However, Viraprevent is a product novelty from Leipzig using technologies developed particularly, by which an electromagnetic wave field is generated, ensuring that bacteria and viruses can be inactivated on the surface as well as in the air of rooms.

Viraprevent is particularly unique as unlike other similar products, it is created to deliver the exact waves needed to kill harmful microorganisms, optimizing the signal with optical amplifiers for effective adjustment of the direction, wavelength and strength, ensuring the performance can be adapted to a wide range of conditions and premises.

The launch of the device is timely in a period where the world is fighting the pandemic and looking for ways of preventing a recurrence, offering a solution against Corona, other viruses and multi-resistant germs. It has also adopted a unique business model by enabling the use of the device in hospitals, hotel rooms, offices, gyms, trains, airplanes, elevators, and other spaces and facilities, delivering a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Patented world first and made in Germany, Viraprevent’s disinfection technology is proven to inactivate 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria, including SarS CoV-2 as well as multi-resistant (hospital) germs. Viraprevent has been tested by independent certification laboratories and identified to meet the photobiological safety requirements according to IEC 62471. The revolutionary device is easy-to-use in any space and under everyday conditions. It has also been certified to meet all national and international standards and does not penetrate the skin or cornea when in use.

For further information about Viraprevent and the revolutionary disinfectant, visit – Viraprevent can also be found across social media, including Facebook and YouTube.

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