GERA Thrives With Multiple Exchange Listings Amid a Bearish Market

Gera Coin is a popular cryptocurrency delivery payment app. It uses the power of blockchain technology to offer a service like never before. The platform is a modern solution that caters to the growing community of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts.

Founded in 2021, the brand took off to a great start. The Gera App allows its users to make easy and simple crypto payments for delivery. The payment-for-delivery app just made its debut this year, it offers very impressive features and is fueled by the philosophy of engaging its users. Thus, making sure to keep its social media presence active at all times.

To begin with, the brand’s mission is to empower delivery platforms with cryptocurrency. Where cryptocurrencies are involved, so is blockchain technology. This means the platform offers security, privacy, anonymity, speed, and various other benefits that come with blockchain-powered services.

In detail, the Gera app allows users to pay for multiple services and goods like delivery of food, gifts, groceries, parcels, documents, and more. Also, users on the platform can buy or sell products, if they so choose to, right from the comfort of their homes. All in all, the Gera team is constantly working to maximize peer-to-peer (P2P) payment alternatives.

The platform’s native token is GERA. This token can be bought and converted to pay for all deliveries. It allows for seamless transactions between merchants, customers, delivery platforms, and traders. Specifically, the platform provides many features. These include live tracking, secure storage, open transactions, and instant transfers.

To keep its momentum going, the GERA token is celebrating many exchange listings over the past few weeks. To name a few, in just over a month, the token has made its debut on DigiFinex, Coinsuper, Bibox, BitMart, BTC-Alpha, Bithumb Global, BKEX, and more.

Remarkably, GERA is thriving as an active token throughout the current bearish market. The GERA team is constantly working to expand and engage its community. The brand is known to conduct GERA airdrops so as to keep its users happy and engaged.

GERA is now available on crypto exchange CoinBene. Through this listing, CoinBene’s world-wide users could send, receive, store, and trade Gera Coin. Initially, the exchange will offer a GERA/BTC trading pair. With more possible exchange listings in store for GERA, the brand is heading towards a bright and active future.

The Gera Coin team also states that there is still much more in store for Gera Coin’s future. More so, they are thoroughly ecstatic about building and growing the GERA community. Until then, they urge GERA hodlers to stay tuned for more updates soon. Lastly, they want their users to know that they are working hard to promise the best possible crypto delivery payment app.

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