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George Cacioppo Explains How Cloud Computing Can Benefit Small Businesses

Cloud Computing

George Cacioppo recently explained how cloud computing benefits small businesses. 

Small businesses need all the simplicity they can get. George Cacioppo is an IT expert specializing in developing, operating, and innovating in cloud-based, high-capacity consumer digital commerce, media, and gaming. He recently discussed how cloud computing improves operations for small businesses. 

“The term ‘cloud computing’ includes many pieces that can be beneficial to small business owners,” Cacioppo said. “Services delivered via the cloud saves time and money, and those are two things of high value for entrepreneurs.”

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing allows users to access applications, data, processing power, and more via the internet. The service is available on-demand and on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

Examples of cloud computing services many people are familiar with include Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, which allows individuals and companies to store any amount of data — no matter how large. Slack and Dropbox are other cloud computing services used by many small businesses.

Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Cloud computing allows businesses to leave the computing complications up to the experts. Small businesses no longer need their own data centers and computer infrastructure, because they can purchase storage, applications, and even technical support from cloud computing providers. 

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

George Cacioppo explained this style of computing service helps small business owners avoid the complexity and cost of maintaining and operating their own IT systems. Previously, small business owners were often paying for services and storage space they didn’t need. Now, they pay only for what they use. 

Small businesses can use cloud computing to store and backup data, making years of data loss a thing o the past. It can also run the software and share information immediately. Cloud computing is available anywhere there is an internet connection, which means business owners can access data almost anywhere, anytime. 

Best of all, cloud storage and backup offer a foolproof solution when servers crash or cyberattacks occur. These unfortunate events are still nuisances, but they don’t mean the business has lost years or even decades of data. 

Small businesses may also use cloud computing services for application hosting, email services, phone systems, and more. Cloud computing software, like Google Docs and Office 365, allows employees to make updates that are immediately visible to others. All of these services help a business run more smoothly and productively. 

George Cacioppo and Cloud Computing

Cacioppo has decades of experience in the IT industry. He worked for Digital Equipment Corporation for 10 years. Cacioppo then spent more than a decade working for other major tech companies like Adobe Systems, PalmSource, and Sony PlayStation Network. 

Cacioppo is considered an expert in cloud computing, and he views it as a valuable resource for small and large business owners. 

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