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Geocells: Sustainable Future For Global Infrastructure Development


Geocells are designed for applications such as protection and stabilisation of soil. They’re frequently utilised to assist regular construction materials and erosion-control measures function better. Geocell panels are expandable three-dimensional panels constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polyester, or another polymer substance. The connecting strips form the walls of a flexible, three-dimensional cellular structure into which specified infill materials are put and compacted when expanded during installation. This generates a free-draining system that keeps infill materials in place and inhibits mass movement by using tensile reinforcement to constrain them. Soils and aggregate infill materials benefit from cellular confinement systems in terms of structural and functional performance.

Advantages of Using Geocells:

Geocell products were developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The following are the most common geocell applications:

  • steep slope surface protection and stabilisation
  • channel and hydraulic structural linings for protection
  • support for static and dynamic loads on weak subgrade soils
  • earth- and water-retaining gravity structures with many layers

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Top Key Players:

Strata Systems, PRS Geo-Technologies, Ten Cate, TMP Geosynthetics, Presto Geosystems, Flexituff International Limited, GEO Products LLC, Alliance Geosynthetics, Tensar International Limited, and Geocell Systems Inc., among others.

Use Cases Of Geocells From Across The World:

Korea’s Largest Retaining Walls

The Phoenix Park Resort, perched on top of a mountainous location in Kangwon-do, Korea, is protected from erosion by a system of walls that includes Korea’s largest retaining wall. The Phoenix Park Resort’s utilisation of this earth retention system fulfils the primary criterion by providing: 1) a very steep or nearly vertical surface that minimises erosion and remains structurally stable under its own weight and known externally imposed loads, 2) natural vegetative cover achieved by filling outer cells of stacked geocell sections with topsoil, allowing the wall to blend in naturally with the Resort’s environment.

Iceland’s Avalanche Protection System

Siglufjördur, a town nestled among steep cliffs, receives the most snowfall in Iceland and is prone to avalanches. Avalanches have historically presented a threat to the people of Iceland. In 1995, two avalanches in Northwest Iceland killed 34 people. VSO Consulting of Iceland, an engineering design firm, chose the geocell earth retention system for the avalanche barrier system. The geocell system is a long-term solution for soil stabilisation issues. The system’s exterior cells, made of polyethylene, create a perfect environment for native plants when filled with site dirt. geocell material is also considerably easier to install than equivalent earth retention methods like concrete.

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In The United Kingdom, Tree Root Protection

Tracks at the Stangate Landfill site in Kent, sub base areas on reclaimed ground at the Portsmouth continental ferry terminal, and sub base areas filled with surplus beach sand at Lyth Harbour were among the first sites in the United Kingdom. Geocells have been employed on hundreds of sites since then. These include everything from military roadways on Salisbury Plain to Tree Root Protection, a nearly unique UK application. This ensures that the country’s history of ancient and culturally valuable trees is well protected. For town planners and municipal governments, finding cheap and cost-effective solutions to Tree Root Protection difficulties is a serious task, and geocells leads the way in Tree Root Protection specification.

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