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From best-selling game developer G13R and the World Health Organization comes the newest exercise app-game for kids, GenMove. Through AI-driven technology, GenMove is getting kids up and moving again by making their device screens more physically interactive. In the process, GenMove is redefining the relationship between screens and our physical health. 

What is GenMove?

GenMove is an AI-driven gaming app available on iOS and Android devices. Although the app is optimized for tablet use, the app can also be used on mobile devices.

GenMove uses gamification as a motivator. With GenMove, the more you move, the more in app tokens you can earn. As with Roblox and Minecraft, the more in app tokens users earn, the more they can customize their avatars within the app. Users can then share their customized avatars on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

How does GenMove work? 

The first step is to create a free account on the GenMove website and set your preferences. Next, download the GenMove app onto your child’s device through the Apple or Samsung app store. 

Now your child can play more than 50 different games that encourage movement during gameplay. Using the camera on their mobile devices, GenMove shows player’s their movement on the screen and guides them toward reaching the objective of the game.

In Bubble Pop, for example, the aim of the game is to pop all of the bubbles shown on the screen as fast as possible. Players must move to pop the bubbles that appear near them on the screen. As users complete each wave, they unlock a tile. When they complete enough levels, they receive a FIFA World Cup-type goal celebration on the app.

Though the game is designed for children eight to 15 years old, anyone above the age of eight years old can play these games, helping to increase the physical health of the player. 


Health Benefits of GenMove 

GenMove was created to help address the very real and negative impact that screen time has on the mental and physical wellbeing of children. Recent data has shown that increasing screen time is directly associated with a sedentary lifestyle, so people are moving less. Sedentary lifestyles can have serious health problems later on in life, such as obesity and heart disease.

The World Health Organization estimates that 80 percent of kids no longer meet the requirement of 60 minutes a day of vigorous physical activity. That’s because the way kids choose to play today is different from the way previous generations play. Older generations would go outside and play sports. 

Now, big-budget gaming houses create these highly engaging experiences that draw kids in and keep them engaged. Consequently, there has been a massive drop off in physical activity. Studies show a significant post-COVID rise in obesity in kids. 

All this increased screen time is also having a negative impact on children’s mental health. In the U.K., referrals for mental health concerns in children are up significantly. Any parent trying to pry the device away from a child knows the tantrums are real. The screen addiction is strong and kids are getting fixated on computer games as their primary outlet of play.

GenMove is attempting to use that screen time differently and encourage movement. Screens don’t have to be bad. The aim is to change the relationship children have with their screens so that they don’t just sit there staring at a screen and and sink into a sedentary lifestyle. 

GenMove at a glance: 

  • Over 50 in-app games to play
  • Downloaded in 150+ countries 
  • More than 30,000+ engaged users 
  • 4.8 star rating on the App Store with 500+ reviews 
  • Free to download 

Final Words

GenMove was created to solve an important problem facing today’s younger generations. The app is so much more than just the latest trend; it’s changing the way we view our relationships with screens and movement. And it’s not by accident that GenMove is accomplishing that. It’s clear through the app design and gameplay that a lot of thought went into designing this app. Its user-friendly interface and attention-grabbing graphics will capture the attention of any child looking for entertainment. 

To download GenMove, check out the company website or download it straight from the App Store now. 

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