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Generic allows users to make investments, some of which were once reserved only for big banks

One major issue startups face today is access to capital and even though a lot of new and innovative ideas come up every single day. A lot still needs to be done to bring these ideas to life. A very important factor is readily available funds, which often times are difficult to raise. Between making use of savings and borrowing from family or friends, there is only so much that can be made available. This is where Generic comes in with the perfect solution to this major problem.

The Generic Working Principle

Bridging the gap between users and companies in search of funds, Generic provides a very impressive technological platform. This platform allows investors to put their money into these companies with a surety of a very good ROI (Return on Investment). Now, these investments are neither made based on hunches nor sentiments. Instead, detailed and certified information, alongside critical data analytics will be provided. This way investors get to study potential goldmines, look at their prospects and decide where they want to pump money into.

It is no news that there are tons of investment options that have surfaced in the past years, so why choose Generic? Well, unlike these other investment platforms, Generic offers a more stable and trustworthy form of investment. Also, there is less risk of loss of investment funds and this is because, there is a detailed compilation of the borrower profile which includes risk level, return rates, and terms and conditions. Prospective investors will be allowed full access to all of this critical information. Not to forget the simple user experience a lot of investment options lack today, Generic provides a simple and easy-to-use platform, that can be monitored by anyone with even the simplest technological skills.

With Generic, investors and users alike can create a private investment system, to allow for multiple investments, thereby creating a personalized income for themselves. Basically, investors get a glimpse of the financial market, the likes of which used to be available only to banks. It is no news that banks have always been at the forefront of profitable investment opportunities, consistently hunting for more and hoarding them for their institutional gain. Well, this is no longer so because, with Generic, even the most inexperienced investors can get access to all kinds of profitable companies from across all types of industries.

Merchant Cash Advance and Peer-to-Peer Lending.

The major aspects of Generic include Merchant Cash Advance and Peer-to-Peer Lending. With these techniques, investors can evaluate and then select the particular loans they want to fund.

Generic, unlike no other platform, takes Merchant Cash Advance and Peer-to-Peer lending to a whole new level. This blockchain-based investment platform eliminates the doubt investors have when choosing who, or what to invest in. This is a more secure option compared to any other form of investments. Also, funds can be withdrawn anytime, without any limits placed on when and how much can be cashed out. Investors also get income reports daily, allowing them to follow up on their investment in real time. This platform exclusively carries along with investors every step of the way, exposing them to the trends and patterns of profits being made.

 Generic provides all the perks of a good investment platform, good deals, well-researched companies, with completely feasible plans short and long term. It redefines investment as we know it by bringing all the necessary steps needed to be taken on to one platform. So instead of the arbitrary and exhausting set of steps usually taken before making any major investments, Generic does all that hard work for you. It filters promising companies that have so much to offer, crosschecks their plans, background, and workforce, then provides you with all of that information. Generic does the major work for you, while you just have to decide where to put your money, and how much you would like to invest.

Founder and CEO, Mickael Azoulay plans to share his insights with young investors to enable them to invest wisely in order to maximize their profits. Because of his years of experience working Merchant Cash Advance, he has been able to develop and groom his successful investment techniques, which he applied to Generic.

Who Exactly Stands To Make Profit On The Generic Platform?

Everyone who is willing to invest can make a profit from Generic. Investors and companies stand to benefit a lot from this technological platform, while companies get the chance to prove their profitability, investors get to earn profit from the comfort of their homes. Various large companies can also have access to a large amount of funding, without having to pay ridiculous interest rates to banks. 

Generic is the future for investors and companies who are looking to increase profitability margin at a realistic rate. With Merchant Cash Advance and Peer-to-Peer technique, our world of investment has been redefined to adjust with the current needs of this day and age. So instead of investing the old fashioned way, it would be a wise choice to switch over to Generic because this is just the beginning of major groundbreaking investment options.   

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