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General cleaning: what is included, the cost of the service

It takes a lot of time and effort to keep your apartment or house clean. Sometimes, due to a busy schedule, there is simply no time for cleaning, which contributes to clutter and dust accumulation. Deep cleaning by professionals will help to solve the problem. Cleaners are ready to come to the call at any time and put things in order in 1-2 hours, depending on the type and size of the premises. The price for this kind of service today is more than affordable.

Benefits of professional apartment cleaning

No matter how carefully the owner of the apartment cleans his housing, he will not achieve the results of experienced cleaners. They do this every day, the actions are brought to automatism. Every self-respecting cleaning company devotes a lot of time to learning new approaches, instructing on the proper cleaning of specific types of surfaces. If an experienced hostess needs 3-5 hours to clean the room, then the cleaner can cope several times faster. When leaving the object of the whole brigade, the time spent is reduced even more significantly.

Cleaning companies use professional vacuum cleaners, extractors, special cleaners that are hard to find in a regular supermarket. They are much more effective than household chemicals. Good cleaning services give a guarantee of work.

What does general cleaning include?

The list of actions depends on the degree of contamination, the purpose of the premises. General cleaning is carried out on average 2-3 times a year. If the room becomes dirty faster, then the procedure is required more often.

Spring-cleaning usually involves:

  1. removal of dust from mezzanines, cornices, cabinets and other furniture;
  2. washing the radiator and windows;
  3. removal of dust cleaning carpets with a vacuum cleaner;
  4. wet floor cleaning polishing of glossy surfaces, etc.

If we are talking about the kitchen, then increased attention is paid to the oven and other equipment, which can form a fatty coating from cooking.

Current prices for general cleaning

The price of the service varies from company to company. For example, the cleaning company “Two Sisters” is ready to perform a general cleaning of an apartment start at $145. The exact figure is calculated based on:

  • the area of the premises;
  • amount of bedrooms and bathrooms , etc.

To find out the cost of the service for your apartment, you must leave a request on the website of the cleaning company. The manager will ask clarifying questions and make a calculation.

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