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Genealogy Products and Services Market is Expected to Witness Healthy Growth at 11.4% CAGR through 2031

Genealogy Products and Services Market

The demand for genealogical services such as tracing ancestors and generating family trees is increasing, with service providers employing aggressive marketing tactics to attract new customers. Commercials promoting self-discovery through lineage tracing are becoming increasingly popular, as they appeal to the human psychology of tracing one’s ancestors in order to feel more connected. In addition, television shows like “Who Do You Think You Are?” have popularised the concept by revealing knowledge about famous people’s lineage and tying it to their careers and lives.

According to a new Fact.MR report, the genealogy products and services market in 2019 is expected to be worth more than US$ 3 billion. With a variety of factors impacting important players’ strategies, the market is likely to continue its bullish run. Demand for genetic and DNA testing is increasing in a variety of businesses, and there is a growing awareness of genealogy, which is fueling market expansion. As effective data storage and retrieval become top concerns for market players, technological innovation will continue to be a key influencer.

Providers of Genealogy Services Increasing the Application’s Scope

To broaden their customer base, genealogy product and service suppliers are branching out into a variety of verticals. In a variety of businesses, the use of genealogy and genetic testing to provide individualised services is progressively gaining popularity.

Genetic testing is being used by companies like EpigenCare and SkinGenie to create skin care solutions that are tailored to a person’s genetic composition.

Pheramor, a Houston-based startup, on the other hand, uses genetic testing to match people with compatible companions.

Vinome, a company that delivers a detailed analysis of the many wines a person may have an affinity for after examining their genetic makeup, is another example of the growing reach of genealogy products and services.

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