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Gen Unison Bridges Generational Gap to Stop Climate Change Global Boiling 

Gen Unison Bridges

Gen Unison organizes teams of elders and youth to prep communities for natural disasters

Gen Unison is a non-profit that has built an online community to unite individuals from Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers in the shared mission of stabilizing the planet for our future generations.

The recent wildfires in Maui Hawaii, Italy, Greece, and Canada are sounding the alarm that communities must start preventative projects before the next disaster hits. As UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said in a reference to the record-breaking heatwaves sweeping the planet this summer, “the “Era of global boiling has arrived.” Through mentor matching between younger members and elders, Gen Unison is creating an effective task force for climate change action on a local level.

“As our youth watch the chaos of climate change unfolding, their natural response is to blame their elders,” says Gen Unison founder G. K. Hunter. “They’re frustrated and scared that they will inherit a damaged planet, which is why so many teenagers are protesting. Our platform aims to rebuild trust between the generations by matching youth with trusted elders to launch and fund their community prep projects.”

Gen Unison’s unique social media platform brings people of all ages together to start community projects, participate in support groups on Zoom, and try their mentor matching service. The intergenerational relationships that form during these projects also help to stabilize neighborhoods by creating an atmosphere of cooperation when crisis strikes.

The multiple failures by the Federal, State, and County governments during the recent Maui wildfires show communities how important it is to have a climate action plan. Passively waiting for fires and storms to hit without having a community action plan can leave communities at the mercy of overstretched government agencies. Developing a community action plan with a mentor is the first step to ensuring your neighborhood will be prepared.

Gen Unison’s mission is rooted in the belief that unity across generations is essential to solving the problems posed by climate change. By creating intergenerational response teams in multiple towns, communities won’t be at the mercy of strained government agencies when recovering from natural disasters and preventing power outages.

“We believe that our youth have a right to inherit a stable planet”, G. K. Hunter said. “Without direct action, we of the elder generations, including Gen X, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation will be the first in human history to hand down an irreparable planet to our youth. They deserve better, and the elders at Gen Unison are doing all they can to help.”

As the world faces an uncertain future, every new member of the Gen Unison social media community contributes to this intergenerational solution for a more sustainable planet.

About Gen Unison

Gen Unison is a non-profit, online community that unites team members from all generations with projects to create stability in an increasingly polarized world. By bridging the Generation Gap, Gen Unison offers hope in the Era of Climate Change.

State/province name: Texas

Country: United States


Media Contact: G. K. Hunter


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