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GBR Launches ICO; Gears up To Be Crypto Payment Gateway for Real Estate

In the postmodern digital world, when people are enchanted by the crypto space, GBR launched its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to become the default crypto payment gateway for the real estate industry.

GBR tokens can be used by real estate investors and traders as utility tokens within the GBR ecosystem. The fast and economically friendly transactions of the Polygon minted token will bolster digital trading among real estate sellers and buyers.

The GBR token has a maximum supply of 60,000,000 tokens, out of which, 40% is supposed to circulate in private and public sales, 25% is reserved for company allotment, 20% for its partners, and the remaining 15% will be used for marketing and the GBR ecosystem.

Additionally, GBR COIN functions as an all-inclusive blockchain framework that serves as the transactional backbone for the gas, oil, and real estate industries. In today’s fast-moving living conditions, it will likely be a gift for people to involve in an economic and market-friendly environment without the involvement of third parties.

GBR’s new venture aims to help the oil and gas industry solve its major challenges including the maintenance of a constant competitive market and firm environment standards. By improving transparency, speeding up transactions, ensuring data security, and reducing

malpractices in the real estate industry, the GBR COIN can improve the industry’s current state.

After becoming successful in all strides, GBR moves forward with rich passions and enlightened visions. Now, GBR offers to be the headline sponsor for the World Blockchain Summit scheduled on October 18, in Dubai. This global event is headed by H.E AbdulazizAlnuaimi, the Undersecretary Assistant at the Commercial Affairs Regulatory Sector, Ministry of Economy, UAE.

The World Blockchain Summit is a “global series of elite gatherings that take place in +19 destinations across the world”. The objective of the event is to bring together the most important stakeholders from the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The collaboration of the GBR and the summit paves the way to discuss the future of the digital firm and its contribution to transforming business and government functions.


GBR COIN is a cutting-edge blockchain project built on the Polygon blockchain. The GBR team developed the project to make it completely community-driven and take the entire cryptocurrency space to the next level. GBR aims to create an all-encompassing service in which users can access a suite of cryptocurrency and blockchain facilities in a single ecosystem.

The GBR platform looks to become the de facto payment gateway for the real estate, gas, and oil industries by utilizing distributed ledger technology and blockchain-based transfer applications such as NFTs and digital currencies.

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Crypto trading has enticed Ananthi R to write for TechBullion. She consistently contributes news and feature articles. She has covered several different blockchain and crypto niches, especially altcoins.

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