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Gaxsys Holding Invests in Xeta Capital Crypto Project Launching on July 20th.

Gaxsys Holding AG, which has its headquarters in Switzerland and operates as a boutique Asset & Wealth Management firm, has invested in the crypto company, Xeta Capital LLC.

Gaxsys Holding, which has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, offers its clientele a financial wealth management gateway between Hong Kong, which is becoming an increasingly important financial center in Asia, and Switzerland. Gaxsys Holding is in a unique position to provide its customers with a world-class and one-of-a-kind approach to worldwide financial wealth since the company successfully bridges two separate cultures. Their objective is to build a platform that is not just one of the most successful wealth management platforms in the world but also one that can provide consumers with wealth management solutions that are both innovative and responsible to the environment. The team at Gaxsys Holding includes both seasoned professionals of the private equity sector and digital natives who come from the world’s most successful technology companies. They were able to change what was formerly a time-consuming process that relied on paper into an operation that is now completely digital and possesses flow. This was made possible with the assistance of this hybrid energy.

 They have recently invested in a new cryptocurrency startup known as Xeta Capital. They are experts in the areas of project sustainability, residual income, the bridge between decentralized finance and traditional finance, long-term wealth management, global real estate, the pathway to traditional finance markets, transparency and integrity, and unparalleled coverage.

Speaking to the media, the Owner of Gaxsys Holding said, “We are extremely happy for this partnership and look forward to the innovation they have to offer.” He added, “We trust their process and technology and chose to be their strategic partners.”

 XETA Capital was established with the purpose of generating long-term, intelligent, and sustainable revenue for its customers as well as the firm, all while providing the client community with the chance to develop a long-term wealth management strategy for their families.

 Gaxsys was the obvious option to collaborate with and invite to the table due to the remarkable performance the company has had across several different industries that are essential to the XETA strategic goal.

 Gaxsys’s expertise in international finance and investment funds, knowledge of and licenses to operate within traditional financial markets, stellar financials, and a proven track record of success all equate to opportunity and long-term, stable growth for XETA Capital and its client community. Gaxsys operates as the management and oversight arm of the XETA Capital Fund.

 The competence of GAXSYS in international finance and investment funds, the knowledge and licenses necessary to operate inside traditional financial markets, exceptional financials, and a proven track record of success are some of the company’s defining characteristics.


Gaxsys Holding AG is a seasoned and forward-thinking boutique asset management company founded in 2007. The company has accumulated expertise in the financial market spanning over 120 years. Their expertise is to provide their customers with personally optimized wealth management solutions specifically suited to meet their requirements in terms of their financial situation. The mission of GaxsysHolding, which is implicit in the company’s name, is to align and reflect traditional Swiss financial etiquette, values, and service quality within the context of a highly regulated asset management environment worldwide.

 Gaxsys Holding provides a financial wealth management gateway between Asia’s rapidly expanding financial center, Hong Kong and Switzerland. By bridging the two cultures, researchers can provide customers with an outstanding, one-of-a-kind international approach to managing their financial wealth. The asset management team at Gaxsys Holding is held to a number of stringent standards on a daily basis, including but not limited to the following: accuracy, quality of service, transparency, assiduousness, and conscientiousness.

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XETA Capital was established to generate long-term, intelligent, and sustainable revenue for our customers and our firm, all while providing our client community with the chance to develop a long-term wealth management strategy for their families. Xeta Captial’s partners include Gaxsys Holdings, AlphaBit, an Incubator Fund headquartered in the Cayman Islands, LaunchPool, a unique venture capital fund, and Pangolin Exchange. XETA is devoted to developing and maintaining a reputation for transparency and honesty in all of its business operations to cultivate trust, confidence, and goodwill among its customers, partners, and employees.

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